#WhyNotMe Entrepreneur Spotlight - Joelle Jacqueline

By Neal Lilliott

It’s always great to catch up with George Brown College alumni and welcome them back into our ongoing programming.  Alumni really do encapsulate the meaning of lifelong learners.  During the startGBC winter semester, Bootcamp cohort participant Joëlle Jacqueline attended every session, provided motivation and encouragement to other cohort members, and absorbed the concepts.  As a certified teaching practitioner, Joëlle knows that similar concepts can be covered in various ways by different coaches. Joëlle has completed several programs in the GTA to help validate her business idea and tweak the delivery and outcomes.  We are delighted to spotlight Joëlle during July. 

About Joelle JacquelinE, Business Enhancement Partner, Couler Consulting

Joëlle has a wealth of operational knowledge and process development expertise to help establish businesses and enhance business performance. She has a passion for working with people and developing their talents, becoming a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP). Her knowledge of the Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II model allows her to adapt her communication style to the client's learning needs to help navigate both entrepreneurship (the business) and being an entrepreneur (the internal, personal challenges).

Academic Background

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma (in progress) from YEDi, Toronto, ON

BEA Essentials Certificate from Black Entrepreneurship Alliance, Toronto, ON

Instructing Adults Certificate from George Brown College, Toronto, ON

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

My journey to entrepreneurship came from happenstance. A former colleague reached out to me to help with their entrepreneurship endeavour and I fell in love with the autonomy of being able to shape my passion.

Why did you create your business?

I created my consultancy to provide one on one customized support to entrepreneurs. Though many free services assist with the initial steps of developing a business idea and business planning, affordable services were missing from the market that provides customized support and mentorship.

What successes have you enjoyed so far with building your company?

Small wins create a big impact. Some small wins that have propelled my business:

- Entrepreneurs' excitement when they have an aha! moment - this has created business growth through referrals

- Building an internal community and gaining 'validation' - finding people that want to see me win and encouraging me to step into my power has encouraged me to add additional services and increase revenues

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find your tribe. Entrepreneurship can be lonely so find people that fill your cup and inspire you. To find your tribe, show up to spaces, even uninvited (Your Network = Your Net Worth)

Any organizations you would recommend to support readers on there entrepreneurial journey?

startGBC! and Couler Consulting ;-)

There are many resources available, but the key is finding the right one for you and your current business stage. feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to share additional resources (info@couler.ca)

Any books, videos or podcasts you would recommend?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Playing with F.I.R.E. by Scott Rieckens

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Final thoughts you would like to share?

Go for it! Though scary, always ask yourself "What’s the worst that can happen?... And then what?" Almost always, when you narrow down these questions, you develop a backup plan and having a backup plan is often the only thing you need to take the leap.

Website and Socials

Website: www.couler.ca

Instagram: @couler.ca

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joellejacqueline