George Brown College's presence in Mount Dennis: A step towards community-engaged education

In the next exciting phase of the Mount Dennis campus feasibility project, George Brown College (GBC) will work toward establishing an initial presence in the Mount Dennis community collaborating on the co-design of partnerships and programs with community members. This comes following a consultation process with Mount Dennis residents this past spring supported by CreateTO, the City of Toronto, and Monumental, a consulting firm representing the college’s commitment to community-engaged education.

The feasibility project team conducted interviews with key local leaders and hosted sector-specific roundtable discussions with representatives from local youth, social services providers, and Black residents. Local business owners and operators were engaged through a small business walk-about.

Our analysis revealed a need for post-secondary education options in Mount Dennis. With a significant population of college-aged students and diverse learners, the area presents a unique opportunity for GBC to make a meaningful impact in our local communities.

The response to GBC’s potential presence in Mount Dennis has been positive, with the community expressing enthusiasm and readiness to engage in the educational growth of the area. In response, we are committed to maintaining a transparent and continuous dialogue with residents.

As we move forward, GBC is focused on co-designing partnerships and programs with the Mount Dennis community. It’s about more than just education; it’s about creating a space and future where learning is accessible, inclusive and responsive to the community’s unique needs and aspirations.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to chart this inspiring journey!

Image courtesy of Googe Maps Street View