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Alumnus Sheida Richardson

General Arts & Sciences Grad - 2008

Photo of Sheida Richardson

When the path from school to career takes unexpected twists and turns, and creates confusion about which way to go, George Brown College can be a valuable signpost that provides the right direction.

That was the case in 2006 for Sheida Richardson, then a recent high school graduate working in a retail store and wondering what to do next. With no academic interest or career goal in mind, the Oakville native had chosen to delay post-secondary school to explore her options. About a year into her educational hiatus, however, she began feeling unsettled and eager for something new, so she started investigating educational options.

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Sarah Patino (video screenshot)

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Learning to Heal

Education is empowering. Meet a grad who used her George Brown College education to escape an abusive relationship, and has gone on to become a leading advocate for victims of violence across the GTA and beyond. For more info: Visit the Learning to Heal page

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