Future International Students

  • Students sitting outside George Brown College campus
  • Studying at George Brown College in downtown Toronto, you live, learn and work in the heart of Canada’s biggest, most diverse economy and city.

    George Brown offers a large number of career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate and degree programs. Being in the epicenter of downtown Toronto, it allows the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with leading employers during your studies and after you graduate.

    Most of our faculty have industry experience and pass that real-world knowledge on to their students.

    The world is ever-changing and that means we as an educational institution not only need to keep up but also anticipate what is coming next in order to provide our students the best education possible. Having faculty who are still active in their industries helps ensure that our students always learn the most recent information and practices. 

    However, even when students are not in class, our campuses offer a number of wonderful social and athletic activities supplemented by the wealth of cultural, recreational and personal development experiences across the city of Toronto.

    We believe that students learn by doing.

    That's why our modern learning facilities simulate what you’ll experience in the working world. Most of our programs also offer field education, which allows you to work, network and learn with industry employers. We develop our programs in consultation with industry leaders so that the people and technical skills you learn are the ones you'll need on the job.

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