COVID–19 Information for Employees

How to report COVID-19 exposure

Employees who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, who have tested positive, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 must do the following: 

  1. Self-isolate immediately after symptoms start or after contact with a person who has tested positive.
    Required self-isolation periods
  2. Contact Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600 or book a test at a COVID-19 testing location. 
  3. Alert Health, Safety and Wellness at 
  4. Notify your supervisor(s). 

COVID-19 health & medical advice

For COVID-19 personal health or medical advice contact Toronto Public Health at (416) 338-7600 and visit for more information.

Updated May 6, 2021

Online & Hybrid program delivery continues for fall semester

Programs will continue to be delivered in both online and hybrid formats for the Fall 2021 semester. 

As conditions evolve, we will respond accordingly, but we aim to welcome as many students and employees back to campus as possible.  


If you are required to work on campus, please ensure that you review the new Employee COVID-19 Awareness Training (part 2 – new as of April 5, 2021) before entering the campus. This training is essential for you to understand the college's recently enhanced COVID-19 protocols. Employees are also required to complete part 1 if they haven't already done so.

Please also review the COVID-19 Awareness Training slides and Take 5 for Safety During COVID-19 Guidelines below. 

Employee COVID-19 Awareness Training Part 1 

Employee COVID-19 Awareness Training Part 2 

COVID-19 Awareness Training slides

Take 5 for Safety During COVID-19 Guidelines

Supports for employees and their families 

With high COVID-19 case counts continuing, many of us are struggling to stay positive. Limiting our social interactions is the best way to keep our community safe, but it can feel isolating and frustrating.   

Helpful resources

COVID-19 vaccine information

How to create healthy routines while staying home

How to balance childcare while working from home

Managing expectations about what the "new normal" will look like

How to be active and stay fit at home

For more support

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stress of these difficult times, support is available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program provider Shepell FGI. In addition to mental health support and professional counselling services, the program offers information and resources related to children, elder care and other family services. 

Employees and their families can call 1-866-833-7690 or visit


Check the COVID-19 FAQs for employees.