Fashion Exchange

  • George Brown College’s Fashion Exchange (FX) is a vibrant hub where fashion education, design, production, entrepreneurship and engagement come together under one roof in the heart of downtown Toronto. With global fashion industry facing challenges of over-consumption, exploiting labour force and environmental resources, FX was designed to share the growing impact and become a leader in sustainable fashion production. With the people and the planet in mind, it fosters a new generation of industry leaders - committed, professional, and ethical. Fashion Exchange values reside on:

    • Innovation and New Technology
    • Environmental and Social Sustainability
    • Expanding Local Apparel Production
    • Meeting Industry Needs

    George Brown College Certificate

    Women in Fashion Technology

    Women in Fashion Tech provides women the digital and hands on training to secure highly skilled employment in the fashion industry.

    Industrial Power Sewing

    Graduates will know how to operate sewing equipment and to assemble garments for production.

    Apparel Fit Technician

    The program will teach you correct pining and marking techniques for major alternations, basic fit concepts, draping and the balance of garments on the body.

    In addition to postgraduate and George Brown certificate programs, FX encompasses a wide range of other services and programs that continue to build closer relationships between the George Brown School of Fashion, industry partners and the community to exchange knowledge and expertise.

    • FX provides a working factory laboratory for students to experience and learn in the real world of apparel production
    • Supports local design talent
    • Performs applied research projects to find solutions to design, product development, manufacturing and circular economy challenges (FX LIFT)
    • Meets the gap between fashion design education and design readiness for production

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