Resetting Your Password

  • Getting started:  

    Technical support is available should you be having trouble resetting your password.

    Your password change will apply not only to your access to STU-View, email, and Blackboard, and other college systems but also to any wifi connections you have configured your mobile devices to make to the GBC network.

    Prior to resetting your password, please ensure that you disable and/or delete any passwords stored in your browser cache, VPN, wireless and/or email settings on your desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Once your password has successfully been reset, simply update those devices with your new password and re-enable the services. Failure to update your stored password on these devices will result in your account getting locked out and you will be required to reset your password again.

    Steps to change your password:

    1. From an internet browser navigate, and log in, to George Brown's self-serve password utility.

    a) In the browser address bar enter:

    If a security warning is displayed, click on Continue to this website.

    Continue to the website

    b) Log in using your personal User ID (i.e. your student or employee number) and Password.

    c) Click Login.

    Resetting Your Password - login

    2. The self-serve menuis displayed.

    Click Change Password.

    Change password

    3. The Change Password page is displayed.

    a) Enter your current password in the Current Tivoli Identity Manager password field.
    b) Click on Review the criteria for my new password.
    c) Enter an identical new password in both the New password and New password (confirm) fields.
    d) Click OK.

    Enter new password

    4. The Request Submitted page is displayed.

    The password change is typically complete within a few seconds, but may take up to a minute.

    You can view the status of the change request by clicking on View My Requests.

    View my requests

    5.The View My Requests page is displayed.

    The Status field will show the result of the password change.

    Click Logoff to exit.

    Resetting Your Password - logoff

    6. A dialog box confirms that your User ID is logged off.

    You are now logged off

    For your security, we recommend that you exit from your internet browser at this point, and start a new browser if internet access is required.