Student Locker Rental Policy and Regulations

Locker Rental Policy at George Brown College

George Brown College maintains the Locker Program to provide students with a place to store their belongings while attending classes. The College endeavours to provide lockers for all full-time students in locations as close as possible to their areas of study. Students will be limited to having one locker assigned to them. Lockers are for use by full-time students only. Staff and/or faculty are not permitted to use the lockers unless specified by the locker administrator. The rental fee will be used towards student employment and maintenance of the lockers.

Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at the start of each semester. You are expected to vacate your locker at the end of your Rental period so that it can be cleaned, repaired and reassigned for the next student. Rental periods are for consecutive terms and cannot be carried over.

Students will have the opportunity to extend their locker rental for consecutive semesters if needed.

Fees and Registration

  • $20.00 for one semester
  • $40.00 for two consecutive semesters
  • $60.00 for three consecutive semesters

How To Open A Combination Lock:

  • Step 1. Turn RIGHT 3 times, stop at the first number.
  • Step 2. Turn LEFT one full turn passing the first number to stop at the second number.
  • Step 3. Turn RIGHT and stop at the third number.
  • Step 4. Pull Lock.

Unauthorized Use of lockers

If you have taken possession of a locker without first renting it through the Locker Program, your lock will be cut and your items will be removed without notice during the beginning of each semester or with 24 hours notice during slow periods. This allows the student who has properly registered and paid for the locker to take possession of it. To retrieve the items, the student must rent a locker for a minimum of one term.

Students who are no longer enrolled in a full-time program are no longer entitled to the use of the rented locker unless specified by a locker administrator. If that student has withdrawn from their program and has additional terms on their rental, they can request a refund on the remainder of terms by visiting the St. James Campus Store with valid student ID. Locker rental refunds can be applied for until ten business days into the current term and any future rental terms.

Once a locker has been cut, all contents will be put in storage for students to reclaim. Proof of ownership must be shown to retrieve belongings. Contents will be stored for only ten business days, after which they will be donated or thrown out. The Locker Program is neither responsible for any items that go missing after their removal from a locker, nor for any items that are left unclaimed for more than ten business days.

Reminders about the End of Rental Terms

Two weeks before the end of your Rental Term, an email will be sent to your George Brown email to remind you that you need to vacate your locker. If your locker has not been emptied after your Rental Term expires, your lock will be cut and the contents of your locker will be removed and put into storage. If you do not come to reclaim your belongings from the Locker Administrator within ten business days, they will be donated or thrown out. The Locker Program is not responsible for any items subject to removal from a locker.

St. James Campus ONLY- at the end of each term you must empty your locker for the Industrial Cleaning happening in all the lockers at the end of each Term. Please note that this does not affect your rental agreement with the locker program that extends past the end of the term, you will be welcome to return your lock and locker contents to your existing locker when you return to classes.


Any students caught vandalizing lockers will be subject to the current disciplinary policies set forth in the Student Discipline Policy and may be reported to police.


The Locker Program is not responsible for any items stored in your locker at George Brown College. You are responsible for your belongings, so the use of lockers is at your own risk. George Brown College assumes no liability for any items stored in lockers.

There have been break-ins in the past, so be sure to exercise caution and do not store items of value in your locker, such as purses, wallets, laptops, cameras or music players. Never store important items overnight. As well, be sure to purchase a high-quality lock, as cheaper models tend to be easier to break. Do not give your combination to anyone else and take caution while opening your lock with your combination as other people may be watching.

Locker Access

The College reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion if there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control or odours. Security has the right to enter a locker at any time should they suspect it contains items that put the college environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police. The College is required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.

Locker Refunds

The last day to cancel your locker and receive a refund is the tenth business day after the first day of any semester. After this point, you may still cancel your locker but you will not receive a refund. Requests must be made in person with valid identification.

Locker Contact Information:


A locker administrator is available at St. James Campus Store, 200 King East.

Any other inquiries please refer to the Ask George FAQ page.