Indigenous Education and Services


On behalf of the Indigenous Education and Services team we would like to welcome all new and returning Indigenous students. IES is your home away from home, even though we are working remotely we are here to provide you with support. We are thrilled that you will be joining our Indigenous student community at George Brown College.We encourage you to reach out to to be included in our student email distribution list to receive updates and notifications.

Our team assists Indigenous students in navigating resources, providing information on college-wide activities, as well as other services such as counselling, cultural teachings and workshops. We equip you with the skills and tools you need to achieve your academic, work and life goals. We offer daily, virtual appointments for students to ask questions about our services, and receive support on their journey as indigenous students at GBC.

Please contact us by email to make an appointment.

Daily Services Available:

Indigenous Education And Services Include:

In response to the release of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the George Brown College Indigenous Strategy Advisory Committee provides advice/guidance to the Director, Indigenous Initiatives on the Indigenous Strategy and Action Plan throughout the college.

Our Indigenous student study centres are located at both the St. James and Casa Loma campuses. These centres provide Indigenous students with a space to meet, study, access computers and printers, and obtain information on events, bursaries and job postings.

To support the strong ties with the Indigenous community, George Brown College formed the Sahkitcheway Indigenous Education Council (IEC) in 1992. Made up of members from the community and the college, the council works within George Brown College on all aspects of Indigenous education.

“We support Indigenous students through our traditional value systems and teachings to achieve their academic goals.” - Bob Whiteduck Crawford, Indigenous counsellor

“It’s a safe place with resources and a support system put in place. It’s like a home away from home.” Jolene May, Student support officer

“This is a place for students to learn about themselves and retrace their steps.” Pauline Shirt, Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper

“We believe education is key to improving socio-economic conditions for Indigenous people and we are here to help in their success.” Lori Budge, Coordinator of Indigenous initiatives and counselling