Degree Preparation (U‑Level) Course Registration (Free of Charge) – General Sciences

Preparatory Science: Contemporary Issues in Health for Degree Programs I and II

This course enables students preparing for degree programs to increase their understanding of science and contemporary, personal and social issues in health-related fields. Students will review biochemistry and the characteristics and basic processes of life, and explore nutritional science and a variety of medical technologies. Students will also explore biotechnology, pathogens and disease, and public health issues. Investigation of the theoretical aspects of the topics under study will refine students’ research, analytical, and assessment skills.

The registration form below is for Degree Preparation - General Sciences. Please check your communications from the Admissions Office to confirm which course you need to take.

Location: Degree Preparation courses are held at our St. James "A" building, 200 King Street East.

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Start dates: September 11, 2018

Duration: 20 weeks

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