Waste Management and Recycling at George Brown College

Sustainability - What can I recycle - a group of students posing with the recycling bins


In line with the College’s Sustainability Plan 2019-22 commitment to reduce its overall ecological footprint, the College has set the goal to minimize production of waste and to maximize recyclability and reuse options. The College’s Green Plan Phase II goal is to achieve 70% waste diversion.

Collection Schedules (all Campuses):

  • Building garbage (regular waste) is collected five times per week (Sept-Apr), and three times per week (May.-Aug).
  • Recycling is collected three times per week (Sept-Apr) and twice a week (May-Aug).
  • Organic (food) waste is collected three times per week (St. James Campus) including from Culinary Arts Program facilities, twice a week at Casa Loma Campus and Waterfront Campus.

Waste Diversion and Recycling

Hallway Recycling Containers:

  • Hallway containers collect paper, cans, plastics and bottles for recycling, and regular waste. Please consult the “What Goes Where” GBC Recycling Guide 2020 powerpoint icon to learn about the proper recycling practices.

Office Recycling and Waste Containers:

  • Recycling (blue) and small waste containers are located in each individual office. These are emptied on a weekly basis. If your Blue bin is too full, please deposit contents into a large blue recycling tote located in the hallway.

Cardboard, including Pizza boxes:

  • Cardboard is collected by Housekeeping. Please fold cardboard boxes flat before leaving them out in hallways for collection by Housekeeping staff.

Food Waste:

  • Food waste (organics) is collected from the College’s food service and cafeteria preparation areas, including from all of the Culinary Arts cooking labs.

Copier Machine Toner Cartridges:

  • Xerox and other toner cartridges can be returned to Xerox for recycling. Please refer to the Xerox Toner Cartridge Return Instructions posted in the Finance and Business Services section of Insite at: https://insite.georgebrown.ca/Finance/documents/XEROX-toner-return.pdf
  • Printer toner and ink-jet cartridges (non-Xerox) can be returned to Shipping and Receiving where they will be returned for recycling.


Used Electronics:

  • Used electronic waste (“E-waste”) is collected regularly for recycling. Please complete the Electronics Recycling Form (Capital Assets Dispositions Form) posted under the Forms and Templates Section, Financial Services, at Insite and send it to Stephanie.Foster@georgebrown.ca to arrange for pick-up. 
  • If necessary due to space constraints, miscellaneous e-waste can be stored temporarily by Shipping and Receiving.

Confidential Paper Shredding:

  • George Brown College Archives Archives is responsible for all shredding from all departments, offices, and employees of the College. The College’s Records Management Policy Framework includes a procedures for shredding of confidential documents. For more information please contact Clay Thibodeau, ext. 4771; cthibodeau@georgebrown.ca

Miscellaneous Materials:

  • For recycling, refurbishment or disposal of scrap metal, broken furniture, and other materials, please contact your Campus Help Desk Administrator to arrange for removal.

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