Gift Acceptance Policy

The George Brown College Foundation (referred to as “the Foundation”) accepts gifts in support of College. This Gift Acceptance Policy applies to all fundraising activities of the Foundation, including: annual giving programs; planned gifts; major gifts and capital needs; special facility-based fundraising initiatives; campaigns; endowments; and any third parties conducting fundraising on behalf of the George Brown College (referred to as “College”) and/or the Foundation. You can find a copy of the Gift Acceptance Policy here.

It is the intention of the Foundation to accept gifts that are in keeping with the Foundation’s mission, vision and strategic goals and in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policies related to charitable giving. References to CRA policies are policies in effect at the time this Policy was first issued. The policy is established to:

  • Ensure that informed decisions for acceptance for all charitable gifts to the Foundation
  • Ensure that appropriate administrative, legal, and accounting practices are followed in receipting, reporting, and acknowledging such gifts
  • Ensure consistent and equitable relationships with all donors.