Donor Recognition Naming Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the process that governs the recognition of donors to George Brown College, including protocols for determining permanent recognition through the naming of College activities, programs, awards, spaces, or other assets. The policy formalizes donor recognition in order to provide:

  • appropriate public recognition and consistent institutional appreciation of major donors;
  • public evidence of philanthropic activity that demonstrates that the College enjoys considerable external support and encourages others to invest in the College’s future;
  • appropriate utilization of the limited number of naming opportunities;
  • clear guidelines for those involved in discussions with donors;
  • facilitation of increased and ongoing support from existing supporters.

The naming of a building, space, activity, or program reflects the importance of the donor to the realization of the College’s mission and vision. The donors name can add prestige to the building, to the program, to the faculty, or to the program in return. Please download a copy of the Donor Recognition Naming Policy.