George Brown welcomes new Dean of Health Sciences and Community Services & Early Childhood

Fay Lim-Lambie brings a wealth of experience in social work, health care and working with children and families to her role as the new Dean, Centre for Health Sciences and Centre for Community Services & Early Childhood.

"My knowledge and experience in those sectors have prepared me well to be successful as a leader in this role, but more importantly, I’m working with a valuable team of experts with a reputation that spans beyond the college,” she says. “There’s a legacy of success here and I knew that prior to coming to George Brown.”

Fay Lim-Lambie, Dean, Centre for Health Sciences, Centre for Community Services & Early Childhood
Fay Lim-Lambie

Lim-Lambie started her new role amid the coronavirus pandemic ready to lead through this unique time, ensuring high quality learning experiences and student supports continue and her centres are prepared for the future post-COVID-19.

Lim-Lambie takes over for former dean Lori Cranson, who retired in May after 16 years at the college.


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a transition to alternative delivery of courses for students, which has been an extraordinary change and providing necessary student support during this time is her top priority. Lim-Lambie notes it’s also a period of important change in the health care, social and child services sectors.

“We have an opportunity to enhance the workforce of tomorrow. We have an opportunity to provide support to our partners at the front lines, including training those who are looking to upgrade their skills,” she said. “And we certainly have an opportunity to partner with the health system, the social care system and the child welfare system to look at what the next innovative models for care and services will look like.”

The Centre for Health Sciences recently announced the September 2020 launch of a first-of-its-kind online program to addresses the current crisis in long-term care settings. The one-year Interprofessional Complex and Long-Term Care program is open to nurses, personal support workers, dental professionals, fitness specialists and hearing specialists.


While the George Brown community continues to study and work remotely, Lim-Lambie encourages students to stay connected to their college community as much as possible.

See a full list of student services available on our Current Students COVID-19 information page.

She also says the lessons learned from the quick shift to remote learning will be transferrable to the workplace.

“When you go into a work environment technology is already there, whether it’s from the minute you onboard or when you’re working with clients, and this experience will prepare you well for that,” she says.

“There’s a certain amount of resilience you build as you’re going through the ups and downs of learning and developing a routine around studying and habits around preparing for exams and assignments. That rigour and resilience will translate well into the workplace.”

Read Fay Lim-Lambie's bio to learn more about her professional background and achievements.