Program Advisory Committee

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What is a Program Advisory Committee (PAC)?

We want to ensure that our students are always learning how to meet the most current needs and trends in their industry. While many of our instructors are still active in their fields, we strongly believe in having our partners help inform our programs.

Our Program Advisory Committees are diverse and provide a cross-representation of industry, reflecting both private and public sectors, companies, trade and professional associations, accreditation bodies, government, and representatives from the college. Working together, they provide advice on:

  • Curriculum relevancy and accuracy
  • Technological trends and changes
  • Program reviews as required
  • Experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities
  • Employment prospects
  • Relationship building with local communities, businesses, industries, and professional associations

Why should you join a PAC?

Having a say in the education of potential future employees is very important. As a PAC member, you’ll be ensuring that graduates are ready to work in your industry and can meet the most current needs and demands. You’ll have a front row seat to new talent and membership is a great way to expand your own professional network.

A group of hotel service staff
Being part of PAC and working with industry colleagues and leaders to guide and shape the educational programs and content of the future has been very rewarding. It is critical that our students and future industry leaders graduate with the most important and relevant skills so they can succeed and move our industry forward. PAC is the perfect forum for that, and it allows this important discourse between industry and academia.
Hani Roustom
Chief Executive Officer, Friday Harbour Resort