How to Register with Accessible Learning Services

Who can register?

Students who have a permanent or temporary disability or who suspect they have a disability and are awaiting an assessment are eligible to receive academic accommodations from Accessible Learning Services.

Permanent disability is a documented disability which is expected to be ongoing in nature and will require accommodations throughout the student’s time in college.

Temporary disability is a documented disability requiring accommodation which has a recognized endpoint.
Example — a student with a broken arm may require note taking services while they are healing.

Interim accommodations may be available if you are experiencing a serious medical or mental health concern for the first time.

Getting registered

Step 1 - Intake Form

  • Download a copy of the confidential intake form and then fill it out.
  • Complete all sections.
  • Put N/A for anything that doesn’t apply to you.

Step 2 - Disability Documentation

  • Submit medical documentation for your disability or disabilities along with your intake form
  • If you are applying for OSAP, you will find a Disability Verification Form on the OSAP website. Complete that form by following the OSAP instructions. Make a copy of that form and submit it to our office for your disability documentation
    (Verification of a permanent disability through the OSAP office will be needed to access the Bursary for Students with Disabilities and the Canada Study Grant)
  • If you are not applying for OSAP, but require academic accommodations, check out this link as a guide to providing disability documentation: Having the right documents.

Step 3 - Submit Forms to Accessible Learning Services

  • By email: Scan and then email your documents to Don Kezima, our Intake Coordinator:
  • By Fax: Write your name and student number at the top of the page and then fax your documents to our confidential fax line: 416-415-2726
    • Remember to keep an extra copy for your own records.

Step 4 - Meet with an Accessibility Consultant to get your Accommodations

  • The Intake Coordinator will email you to confirm your registration with Accessible Learning Services.
  • Our Welcome Desk will send a follow-up email offering you available appointment times and dates.
    • We begin to see students for September as of May 15th and January students starting as of November 15th

Step 5 - Accommodations for Placement and Pre-Admission Tests

If you have registered with Accessible Learning Services and require accommodations for pre-admission or placement tests, your Accessibility Consultant will send you an email with your test accommodations and instructions for booking your test.