How to Register with Accessible Learning Services

Who can register?

Students who have a permanent or temporary disability or who suspect they have a disability and are awaiting an assessment are eligible to receive academic accommodations from Accessible Learning Services.

Permanent disability is a documented disability which is expected to be ongoing in nature and will require accommodations throughout the student’s time in college.

Temporary disability is a documented disability requiring accommodation which has a recognized endpoint.
Example — a student with a broken arm may require note taking services while they are healing.

Interim accommodations may be available if you are experiencing a serious medical or mental health concern for the first time.

Getting registered

Step 1 Intake Form

Print, fill out and sign the confidential intake form

  • Print the form and complete all sections.
  • Put N/A for anything that doesn’t apply to you.

Step 2 Disability Documentation

  • If you are applying for OSAP, you will find a Disability Verification Form on the OSAP website. Complete that form by following the OSAP instructions. Make a copy of that form and submit it to our office for your disability documentation
    (Verification of a permanent disability through the OSAP office will be needed to access the Bursary for Students with Disabilities and the Canada Study Grant)
  • If you are not applying for OSAP but require accommodations, check out this link about disability documentation: Having the right documents.

Step 3 Submit Forms to Accessible Learning Services

  • Fax: Write the student’s name and student number at the top of the page and Fax your documents to our confidential fax line: 416-415-2726
  • Or email: Scan and email your document to Don Kezima, our Intake Coordinator
  • Or visit: Drop off your documents at one of our four campus locations

*Remember to keep an extra copy for your own records.

Step 4 Book an Appointment to meet with an Accessibility Consultant

The Intake Coordinator will email you to confirm your registration with Accessible Learning Services and send you the contact information for your campus and the name of your Accessibility Consultant.

Contact your campus office directly to book your first appointment with your Accessibility Consultant to set up your academic accommodations.

*We begin to see students for September as of May 15th and January students starting as of November 15th

Step 5 Accommodations for Placement and Pre-Admission Tests

If you have registered with Accessible Learning Services and require accommodations for pre-admission or placement tests, your Accessibility Consultant will send you an email with your test accommodations and instructions for booking your test.