Commercial Dance (P106) is a 12-month certificate program graduating professional triple-threat dancers ready for a career in commercial dance.

p106 Two female and two male students dancing a choreography.

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Program name
Commercial Dance
1 year (3 semesters)
Starting month
Ontario College Certificate
Method of study

Year of Study

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Program Availability

Domestic students
Sept. 2020 Open
Jan. 2021 N/A
May 2021 N/A
International students
Sept. 2020 Open
Jan. 2021 N/A
May 2021 N/A

Full Description

This intensive 12-month Commercial Dance program provides you with the performance skills and marketability necessary to work in the vast field of commercial dance. A graduate has the ability to dance, sing and act, enabling a performance career in music videos, musical theatre, cruise ship performance and more.

Dance training is in jazz, hip hop and ballet combined with in-depth acting, vocals and chorus repertoire. Career management and personal marketing skills combined with polished performance technique will launch your professional commercial dance career.

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Entrance requirement is dance training at the intermediate jazz level with training in additional dance forms as a significant asset. Prospective students must pass an audition in jazz as well as an interview.

To learn more about the audition process, visit

Part Time Study Options

Please note this program does not have a part time study option.

Program Standards and Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Perform jazz and hip hop dance technique to professional standard in choreographed solo and ensemble productions.
  2. Perform chorus repertoire technique, memorizing and reproducing long movement sequences integrated with vocals, to professional standard in commercial ensemble productions.
  3. Sing at a professional standard using pulse, rhythm, meter, dynamics and accurate pitch in solo and ensemble presentations.
  4. Create and perform artistically expressive dramatic characterizations in a dance context at a professional level for solo and ensemble productions.
  5. Present self professionally at auditions and in industry environments through resumes, biographical backgrounds, and photographs during commercial and academic interviews.
  6. Develop self-knowledge and reflective practice to make informed artistic, pedagogical, personal development and career choices within the performing arts industry.
  7. Exercise critical thinking skills to peer evaluate performance, mentor creativity and innovate to inspire projects, peers and students.

Required Courses

Printable version Curriculum Planner Start Date (January 2013)PDF icon

Printable version Curriculum Planner Start Date (January 2014)PDF icon

In order to graduate, you must successfully complete all of the required credits and appear in the semester 3 Showcase.


semester courses
CodeCourse Name
DANC1057Jazz Dance I
DANC1058Hip Hop I
DANC1059Chorus Repertoire I
DANC1060Acting for Dance I
DANC1061Vocal for Dance I
DANC1062Ballet I
COMM1007College English
GNEDGeneral Education Elective


semester courses
CodeCourse Name
DANC1064Jazz Dance II
DANC1065Hip Hop II
DANC1066Chorus Repertoire II
DANC1067Acting for Dance II
DANC1068Vocal for Dance II
DANC1069Ballet II
DANC1070Business Skills for Dancers
DANC1022Music Theory


semester courses
CodeCourse Name
DANC1071Performance Preparation (Field Education)
DANC1072Acting for Dance III
DANC1073Vocal for Dance III
DANC1074Chorus Repertoire III
DANC1075Ballet III
DANC1085Hip Hop III
DANC2012Jazz Dance III

Showcase rehearsal hours will be scheduled in semesters 2 and 3 and are categorized as in-class mandatory homework hours. These hours will be most intense during semester 3 and leading up to the Showcase performance.

Detailed course outlines

General Education Electives

Your Career

Our graduates are working! Some of the many places they've found work include:

  • The commercial dance industry: performing on cruise lines, at resorts and casinos, as well as touring with children’s productions such as Franklin the Turtle.
  • The project-based dance industry: applying for funding for their own projects, choreographing, founding companies, joining/forming groups and producing shows, performing at festivals, cabarets, theatres and resorts.
  • Traditional festivals: apprenticing, performing and touring with established festivals such as Stratford and the Charlottetown Festival.
  • The dance training studio industry, driven by television and live dance competitions: teaching, choreographing, coaching and judging, as well as founding and taking ownership of their own studios.
  • The dance fitness and workshop industry: teaching and developing the expanding market of dance fitness and specialized workshops, and taking this product across Canada and abroad.
  • The sports and dance teams industry: cheerleading, and forming and joining dance teams.
  • Film and television: appearing in productions and music videos, and developing dance on film projects.

Some graduates continue on to arts and master’s degrees in universities and continued professional development in fields such as circus performance, personal fitness, stage management, nutrition and physical therapies.


$8,156.00* ‡

Additional Cost

*Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the three semesters of programs starting in Fall 2019. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in Fall 2020 and at later dates.

‡ There will be a $65 audition fee (payable in cash or cheque only) when you arrive on the day of your audition for P101, P105 or P106.

International students: Visit the International Fees and Related Costs page for more information.

Financial Assistance

This program is approved for OSAP funding, provided the applicant meets OSAP eligibility criteria.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are selected on the basis of their academic achievement, including the required courses, and any other selection criteria outlined below.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent**
  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • Interview
  • Audition – Auditions will be held in spring and fall. For more information on auditions, including dates and times please call 416-415-5000, ext. 2196 or visit
  • A minimum of five years training in Jazz Dance; training in additional dance forms is an asset.

** Mature Student status (19 years of age or older and no OSSD)

Mature Students may take the Admissions Assessment for English, OR may consider upgrading to achieve the credit(s) needed in English.

Please note that George Brown is committed to ensuring that applicants will succeed in their program of choice and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Applicants may be required to have grades higher than the minimum requirements stated.

Course Exemptions

College or university credits may qualify you for course exemptions. Please visit for more information.

International Students

Visit the International Admissions page for more information.

Apply to

Domestic students should apply through Ontario Colleges

Success Stories

p106 dancers

“The program is designed to be a triple threat (dancing, singing, and acting). After graduating, I was prepared and had enough experience and knowledge to attend an audition in any three disciplines.” – Ashley. “[The Commercial Dance program] really opened my eyes to the various styles I may not have touched on back when I was still dancing at my home studio.” – Micah.

Read more about Ashley and Micah’s experience with George Brown Dance and their career path after graduation.

Ashley Harju (Commercial Dance Program graduate, 2013) and Micah Enzlin (Commercial Dance Program graduate, 2017)

Derick Robinson

"I had a lot of people tell me about the George Brown Program. It was the only program at the time that had Hip Hop. It felt right and had everything I wanted. The biggest thing I took away from GBD was to always remember why I’m in dance. I never want to forget that again. I’m so happy I had teachers here who helped me get out of that funk. Above the training and technique, it reminded me why I love dancing"

Read more about Derick's story

Derick Robinson (Graduate 2012)

“[Classmates] will be some of your lifelong friends… I wouldn't have traded one single person in that class. They were my brothers and sisters at the end. We sweated together; we cried together; we yelled at each other. I loved them!! And still do.”

Emily Brown (Graduate 2011, Commercial Dance)

Performing, teaching, choreographing

Esie Mensah

“As artists, there will be many incredible opportunities to explore new avenues and to grow. You continue to develop and learn throughout your career. I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to fall into all these different spaces that have challenged me.”

Read more about Esie’s story.

Esie Mensah (Commercial Dance program graduate, 2007)

Contact Us

School of Media and Performing Arts

Kia Kotsanis, Program Coordinator

Phone: 416-415-5000, ext. 2196

Email: or

For more information about George Brown College, you may also call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000 (TTY 1-877-515-5559) or long distance 1-800-265-2002.

Visit Our Campus

This program is offered through our School of Media and Performing Arts and run in partnership with Ballet Jörgen. Classes take place at our Casa Loma Campus, located at 160 Kendal Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada.

Campus tours are offered on a regular basis. Sign up today! You can also check out our virtual tour.

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