What to expect from Psychoeducational Groups at GBC

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More information about psychoeducational groups:

What are psychoeducational groups?

In an educational setting such as your college classes, you learn new skills for your life and future career. Our psychoeducational groups are similar; however, in our groups, you will learn tools to help you cope with difficult thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in a supportive group setting. Psychoeducation is about helping you understand yourself, improve resilience, and feel better.

What are the benefits of psychoeducational groups? How do I know if group is for me?

The great thing about group is that you will learn new skills in a structured way, you will benefit from the experiences and support of your peers, and you will learn tools that have been proven to help people improve their quality of life. Research shows that group-based learning is an effective and time-efficient way to benefit from psychoeducation. In four group sessions, you may begin noticing improvements that may lead to decreased mental health symptoms. Students often come to group feeling like they are isolated in their struggles, and through the group counselling process, learn that they are not alone. Groups instill hope, a sense that “if they can make it”, so can I”.

What can I expect from group?

In our groups, you can expect to learn 1-2 new skills every week. You can practice skills and receive support in implementing changes. While there will be opportunities to speak with the facilitators and your peers in group, the focus will be on learning new skills based on therapeutic goals.

Do I have to keep my camera on during group?

We ask that participants keep their cameras on during group. This will help us connect with you and it will help you connect with your peers.

Are these groups open or closed?

An open group can be joined anytime, however, our groups are closed, which means that there is a set number of sessions and participants. We ask that participants commit to attending all sessions as the skills build each week.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

Groups are 1.5 hours long and run on a weekly basis. They run at four-week intervals and involve some component of skills practice throughout the week. In our groups, all sessions are important, particularly the first session, where we will make introductions and will review group norms/expectations in more detail.

What can I share in group? Is it confidential?

You are welcome to share what you feel comfortable sharing. The group is committed to confidentiality, which means that whatever you share in group should stay in group.

I’m nervous about attending group, should I still attend?

Yes! This is normal. Many students feel nervous about attending group; however, most students report feeling grateful for the opportunity to make connections with others, learn new skills and make shifts they desire.

What if my classmates see me in group?

It’s normal to feel nervous about encountering your classmates in group, and if you do see your classmates in group, it’s likely that they’re feeling exactly the same way. We emphasize the importance of confidentiality and aim to create a safe and private space in all of our groups.

How do I sign up for group?

Contact your counsellor or book a counselling appointment by visiting the Counselling & Student Well-being website.