Peerconnect Workshops

Students lounging at the Waterfront campus

How to access our workshops

Our workshops are hosted on YouTube, but you can also view them below.

Stress Management

This is a workshop that helps students understand the physical and mental sources and symptoms of stress. It offers the opportunity for individuals to reflect on their own experiences of stress, big and small, and to consider the strategies, at their disposal, to achieve more manageable levels of stress in their lives. It is 20 mins in length and soon to be offered online through the Peerconnect YouTube channel.

Safer Social Media

This workshop intended to introduce students to some of the subtle effects that social media use has on an individual. This workshop looks at some of the negative effects of prolonged use, as well as some tips and tricks for moderating behaviour and use to make social media work for you. 

Interested in more video content?

For more videos, Counselling and Student Well-Being have a series of videos that provide a wealth of learning on topics that are both diverse and engaging.

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