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How do I add/drop a course?


Most students can add/drop courses online through STU-VIEW. To add/drop a course online, log in to your STU-VIEW account, then select Registration Services > Registration > Register for or change/drop courses/sections or withdraw from program. You may then select courses to add to your timetable, or de-select courses that you wish to drop from your timetable. To submit your new selection, click on the 'Submit Registration' button.

Important:It is your responsibility to ensure that your course registration is accurate. After adding/dropping courses, please check your confirmation page and/or your timetable to ensure that the correct courses have been added/withdrawn.

In some cases (i.e. for specific programs), you will be asked to seek Academic Advising from your Academic Department before dropping courses. If you cannot drop courses online, please contact your Academic Department for assistance.

If you need to add a course to your timetable that is not available to you online, you will need to contact your Academic Department . Once you consult with them, you will be set up to register for these additional courses online; please note that additional fees may apply.

Students may add courses to their timetables up until the fifth day of the semester, space permitting. Students may drop courses from their timetables up until the Last Day to Drop a Course without Academic Penalty. Please see the Important Dates webpage for exact dates.

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