Three International Students

Mentor Impact

  • Mentors provide a shared understanding of what it means to be a George Brown Student.
  • Mentors are about mutual empowerment and growth. We build on our innate capacity for resilience and work with you to facilitate positive and open learning environments.
  • Mentors strive to build positive relationships and foster a community of care and collaboration across George Brown College.
  • Mentors provide students with a choice on what and how they want to engage with material.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Check GBCareers for on-campus job opportunities!

Mentor Experiences

  • Mentors Develop organizational skills, planning and learning how to facilitate group sessions.
  • Mentors learn about working with others and helping individuals realize and leverage the strengths we all possess.
  • Mentors share their expertise as students and learn from the communities of practice and care.

We look for mentors:

  • With an interest in building a campus community centred on caring, capacity building and resilience.
  • Who are interested in peer support (both individual and group facilitation)
  • Who have an interest in supporting healthy mind\body connections
  • Who are looking to develop critical thinking, creative approaches, and problem-solving skills.