School of Architecture Alumni – Kimberlyn Lei

Architectural Technology - T109

Graduated 2012

“I am thankful that George Brown College provided portfolio classes. Having a portfolio is something that a lot of industries stress over and I think this class has helped me a lot in preparation for the interviews I had to go through before graduating.” explains Architectural Technology graduate Kimberlyn Lei who got her first job right after graduation working as an Architectural Technologist on the Design Team at Q4 Architects Inc. “I had considered going into university instead of college but what interested me more is being able to have the hands-on application that is given to you in college.”

Kimberlyn explains that her “typical work day can be both relaxing and stressful at the same time. I receive work for different projects one after the other and having this option of working with other projects allows me to feel more enthusiastic about tackling other challenges. Finding errors on drawings that can cost a project to fall apart is something I find very rewarding because I realize how much I have learned from my experiences.”

“Two of the most valuable experiences from my program at George Brown College would be my Architectural Technology & Sustainable Design I and Architectural Computer Drawing courses. I would admit during the first semester it was hard to build a model of a house when I knew nothing about architecture or construction. It was tough to get started on but I eventually started to progress in understanding different construction materials and methods. The lesson plans in my Architectural Computer Drawing course were excellent and I found having learned the software applications Revit and 3D Max Design proved to benefit my opportunities upon graduation.”

Education never stops for Kimberlyn. “As for my future plans, I am planning to pursue a LEED accreditation and write my BCIN exam. Other than that, I am just hoping to go up the ladder in my new job and earn some of the big bucks!”