Download the GBC Safety App to help you stay safe on campus and when travelling to and from the College

Now that we’re back on campus, it’s the perfect time to remind you about our commitment to keep our community safe at George Brown. One of the ways you can help keep yourself safe is by downloading the GBC Safety app on your smartphone.

The app allows you to call emergency services (both 911 and campus security) at the touch of a button, send your live location to GBC Security if you need assistance on campus or to a trusted friend when travelling, and report a tip of any safety concern or suspicious activity on campus.

In the event of an emergency on campus, such as a lockdown, shelter-in-place or hold and secure, you will receive an alert notification from GBC Public Safety and Security, followed by updates as the situation requires. These alerts will show up on your phone even if you have exited the app.

We strongly recommend downloading the GBC Safety app for a safer semester on campus. We also encourage you to watch our safety videos, which will allow you to better prepare for an emergency should it happen on campus. These videos explain what to do in the event of a shelter-in-place, lockdown or hold and secure.

Please note that the GBC security team will be testing the college’s emergency systems in the coming months to ensure the system is running smoothly and all procedures work well.

Download the GBC Safety app today using one of the links below.

apple App Store

Google Play Store