Counselling Corner: Tips for managing stress as the end of the semester approaches 

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Counselling Corner articles feature tips from George Brown College counsellors. In this post we hear from Counsellor Alan Choi.  

Stress tends to increase as the semester winds down and exams and final projects approach. It is normal to feel stressed as academic pressures rise at certain times of the year.   

The holiday season is also approaching, and more family interaction can increase our stress as well. It isn’t uncommon for what is supposed to be a positive time of year to end up having the opposite effect as some students may be away from their families and others may not have a large support group around them and feel more acutely alone. 

If academic pressures are mounting there are actions you can take to make things better. The tactic of breaking down larger tasks into smaller goals helps, as does using mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety.   

Watch our Mindfulness Beyond the Classroom YouTube playlist

App for anxiety relief 

I recommend downloading the free Mindshift app. It has many good educational aspects as well as built-in audio that guides you through relaxation techniques. There are guides to help with general worry, social anxiety, perfectionism, panic and phobias.  

The app offers breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization exercises to help with many anxiety-related difficulties. There is a specific exercise for test anxiety and another one for public speaking, which can be helpful if you have a presentation coming up.   

Try reducing your stress several times a day if you need to by using the helpful Mindshift app. 

How to connect with a George Brown College counsellor 

During the month of December, Counselling and Student Well-Being moves to a drop-in only appointment schedule due to increased demand for counselling services. 

Students can access counselling through the student portal. Once you log in, click “Check In or Schedule an Appointment” and you will receive a response with available times as soon as possible. Visit the Accessing Counselling page to learn more.