2 students help create new series of mindfulness videos for the George Brown community

New mindfulness videos are now available for the George Brown College community, thanks to the efforts of two students.  

Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL – English) student Ashley Bratty and Graphic Design student Hayley Walsh helped create four videos that guide participants through mindfulness theory and practice. Bratty researched for the project, and Walsh created the motion graphics. Both students recently graduated.  

Faculty members Monica Chi and Jessica Paterson received funding from George Brown's IGNITE Fund that supports college employees engaged in original research and innovation activities. The funding allowed them to bring Bratty and Walsh onto the project and pay them for their work.   

Walsh said the project gave her great hands-on experience as she starts her career.  

“This project has proven to be more than a steppingstone. It’s been a combination of assimilating data, coming up with metaphors and visuals for that data and then figuring out how to turn that into brand content that can be animated,” she said.  

For Bratty, the opportunity to lead focus groups and research complemented the research components of her program. She conducted two focus groups with students and employees to find out what type of mindfulness content they’d enjoy. She also worked with a Deaf student and counsellor on the ASL translation.  

“The project provided a great reference for me about how to conduct research in a human-focused, kind and compassionate and accessible way,” she said.  

“It was wonderful to be a part of the research process.”