Exchange Opportunities

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Spend one or two semesters abroad on exchange

Did you know you can spend an entire semester (or two) abroad? Depending on your program, we offer opportunities to complete an exchange in countries like Denmark, Japan and more. The longer duration of exchanges allows you to immerse yourself in the culture you are visiting. You will not only learn your course curriculum - you will also get a true international education!

An exchange with one of our partner schools gives you the opportunity to take credits abroad, explore new cultures, learn new ways of doing, and expand your personal and professional network.

While on exchange, you will pay tuition to George Brown but enjoy the benefits of the partner school. Academic credits are transferable from the school abroad back to George Brown upon successful completion of the program.

How can you apply?

We have opportunities for current George Brown students to go abroad through exchanges. You can learn about the application process below.

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Step 1: Explore Outbound Exchange Opportunities

Step 2: Connect with Your Department

If you are interested in completing an exchange, please connect with your department contact below to discuss your intentions to go abroad.

School Name Email
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Adeesha Hack
School of Design Pawel Szkilnyk
School of Computer Technology Nada Hammady
School of Fashion & Jewellery Rosa Fracassa
School of Architectural Studies Goldie Ghoncheh
Chef School Abigail Picado
School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts Gary Hoyer

Step 3: Complete your Application and Letter of Intent

Contact us for the application form at All applicants are required to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. You can access your current GPA by going to STU-View and finding your Curriculum Advising & Program Planning (CAPP) report.

Step 4: Submit your Application

Submit your completed application (application form, letter of intent, academic study plan, and CAPP report) by the deadline date by emailing:

Step 5: Interview and Next Steps

You may be invited to an interview regarding your desire to participate in an exchange approximately one month after the application deadline. Please review your letter of intent and academic study plan prior to the interview.

The Global Mobility team will contact successful candidates by email and formally nominate candidates to the host school. The nomination will include additional steps, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Completing an application required by the host school. The Global Mobility team will assist you in completing any applications required, which may include residence accommodation, scholarship and bursary support, and applying for visas (if applicable).
  2. Attending a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation, The Pre-Departure Orientation will include practical travel information, risk and safety abroad, developing your intercultural competency, and information about who to contact in the event of an emergency. It will also help you to identify the potential risks of international travel and assist you in developing strategies to mitigate common problems that you may experience abroad. Destination-specific information may also be provided.

Spend one or two semesters studying at George Brown on exchange

Looking for an amazing way to spend a semester or two in Toronto? Look no further than an exchange at George Brown College! In order to apply, you must be nominated by your home school. Please refer to the exchange partner schools list below to confirm your eligibility to participate in an exchange at George Brown.

An exchange at George Brown gives you the opportunity to study and live in Toronto, one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cities.

While on exchange, you will pay tuition to your home school but enjoy the benefits of studying at George Brown. Academic credits are transferable from George Brown back to your home school upon successful completion of the program.

How can you apply?

Please contact your home school's international office for information about on how to submit your application for exchange at George Brown.

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