Hernando Burgos-Soto, PhD

Hernando Burgos


Hernando Burgos-Soto is an internationally trained mathematician with over 15 years of academic experience, including teaching Mathematics of Finance, Microeconomics, Operational Research and Statistics. He also has six years of work experience in business management and financial advising. While working at the University of Toronto, he participated in three years of research in the mathematics department.

Hernando is the author of several papers in which he introduced new mathematical concepts and extended some celebrated theorems of knot theory. He is co-author of the textbook Mathematical Logic: Class Notes. At the moment, Hernando’s research interests are focused on Mathematical Finance and, more specifically, on the use of numerical analysis, probability distribution and statistical models to determine the fair price of securities and portfolio risk. An innovative and approachable teacher, Hernando brings concepts to life. His icebreaker technique and his subject-centred methodology of teaching have been used as practical examples in the College Teacher Training Program at George Brown College.

Academic Credentials

Ontario Life Licence Qualification Program, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, 2013College Teacher Training Program, George Brown College, 2009 Doctor of Mathematics, National University of Colombia, 2008Master of Mathematics, Universidad Del Valle, Colombia, 2001Bachelor of Science, Education, Universidad Del Atlántico, Colombia, 1993

Areas Of Specialization

Financial Mathematics, Canadian Business Fundamentals, Microeconomics, Business Statistics, Life Licence

Areas Of Expertise

Business Management, Small Business Start-Up, Financial Advising, Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematical Research, Knot Theory

Career Highlights

2009-Present – Math Professor, George Brown College, Centre for Business2009-2015 – Math Professor, Centennial College, School Of Business and School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science 2013-2015 – District Leader, Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada2009-2015 – Board of Directors Executive, The A+ Project Educational Services2005-2008 – Visiting Scholar, University of Toronto1993-2005 – Math Professor, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia1993-2005 – Math Professor/Statistician, Naval School for Sub-Officers, Colombia


The Khovanov homology for alternating tangles, with Bar-Natan, Dror, Journal Of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Volume 23, No. 2, 2014 The Jones Polynomial and the planar algebra of alternating links, Journal Of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Volume 19, 2010 Khovanov Type Homologies and Frobenius Extensions, with Thistlethwaite, Stella, Lecturas Matematicas, Special Volume, 2006Lógica matemática – notas de clase, with Obeso Virgilio, Mathematics textbook, Universidad del Norte, Colombia, 2007.