International students travelling to Canada

Are you an international student planning to travel to Canada?

George Brown College is on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) list of approved designated learning institutions (DLIs).

IRCC says you can travel to Canada if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller unless you’re a minor student (under the age of 18 years)
  • you have a valid study permit or letter of introduction, 
  • you're attending an approved designated learning institute (DLI),
  • you have submitted your travel plan, including vaccination information, through the ArriveCAN app

Students who are not in Canada and are enrolled in a hybrid program with an in-class/in-person component will be required to travel to Canada. (Note: studies completed outside of Canada between March 2020 until August 31, 2022, will be counted towards post-graduation work permit eligibility — please visit IRCC website for more details). In addition, students who are required to undergo a medical exam as part of their study permit application, must have a valid IRCC medical exam at the time of their travel to Canada. IRCC medical exam results are valid for 12 months only.

Family members accompanying international students will be assessed by a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer as to whether the purpose of travel to Canada is non-discretionary/non-optional.

As of April 1, 2022, at 12:01am EDT, pre-entry testing will no longer be required for fully vaccinated travellers to travel to Canada. You may be selected for mandatory random testing on arrival but will not be required to quarantine while waiting for test results.

Student Arrival and quarantine guidelines

 Below please see information to support you in your travel and quarantine upon arrival in Canada.

Download the iCent app

George Brown College requires all international students who are travelling from outside Canada to download the iCENT app and check-in daily. 

Pre-Departure Information

Pre-Departure Information

As part of Canada’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is mandatory for students to DOWNLOAD the ArriveCAN app (available for IOS, Android or use the Web format). 

International students are required to have valid medical insurance coverage when you enter Canada in order to obtain medical care if they become sick.

You must still use ArriveCAN to provide your travel and vaccination information within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada.
International students are required to have valid medical insurance coverage when you enter Canada in order to obtain medical care if they become sick.

Covid-19 Testing

Pre-entry Testing 

Starting April 1, 2022, pre-entry tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada by land, air, or water. 

Arrival Testing 

Upon your entry to Canada by air or at a land border crossing, the border services officer may notify you that you have been randomly selected for a mandatory arrival test. Arrival testing could be on-site at the airport, offsite, or you may be provided with a self-swab test kit at the border to take home. 

*You can take connecting flights and trains without waiting for your arrival test results. You are not required to quarantine while you are waiting for your arrival test if you are fully vaccinated travellers.


All travellers flying to Canada as a final destination must use the ArriveCAN app to submit the following information:  

  • travel and contact details  
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessments
  • Vaccination Information and travel history

Once you submit your information through ArriveCAN:  

  • a receipt will be displayed. To qualify for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, you must have an (A), (V) or (I) next to your name.
  • show the receipt to a Canadian border services officer when you enter  
  • you can show your ArriveCAN receipt from the app as a screenshot or printout. 

If your travel details change before you enter Canada

If you've already submitted your information and have an ArriveCAN receipt, start over in ArriveCAN. ArriveCAN will clear your previous information.

Requirements after you've entered Canada 

If a border services officer confirms that you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller, you may still be subject to random testing on arrival. However, you won't report your results through ArriveCAN. Follow the instructions given to you by the border services officer. Please register in advance for your arrival test. It will speed up your testing experience.

If a fully vaccinated traveller or unvaccinated child under 12 years of age tests positive on their arrival test:

  • they must isolate for 10 days
  • report your test results and/or symptoms to PHAC by calling 1-833-641-0343 

If you can’t use ArriveCAN after your entry, call 1-833-641-0343 daily during your quarantine period. 

Find more information about the ArriveCAN app at



In addition to regular packing requirements, please also bring:

  • 60 disposable face masks OR 30 disposable and 1 reusable cloth face mask;
  • One large bottle of quality hand sanitizer;
  • One box of Nitrile gloves;
  • A thermometer.

Please also have the following with you in your carry-on luggage: at least 2 masks, several pairs of gloves, a travel sized bottle of hand-sanitizer and some disinfecting wipes.

Documents to Bring with You

Make sure you have the following documents available in your carry-on luggage when you arrive. You will be required to present these to a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer when going through Canadian customs and immigration:

  • Passport;
  • Valid Study permit or POE letter of introduction ( study permit approval document);
  • A print-out copy of your Letter of Acceptance AND Semester timetable (Stu-view) AND Tuition payment receipt;
  • Proof that you have enough money to support yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada;
  • ArriveCAN receipt (electronic or paper);
  • Copy of your vaccination information 

While in transit to the airport, in airports and during flights:

  • Wear a mask and gloves;
  • Wash hands frequently;
  • Use hand sanitizer when necessary;
  • Practice physical distancing (minimum 2 metres from others);
  • Sanitize your personal space and high touch areas;
  • Minimize trips to the washroom (Flush the toilet with the seat cover down);
  • Touch as few surfaces as possible;
  • Keep your cell phone charged.
Arrival Plans

Arrival in Canada:

  • Wear a fresh mask; 
  • Proceed through immigration and baggage pick up while maintaining physical distancing; 
  • Present appropriate documentation (see: Documents to bring with you) to the Canada Border Services Agency officer; 
  • Move as quickly as possible through the baggage area and do not enter any stores in the airport; 
  • Meet your driver at the agreed pick-up location or proceed to agreed transportation; 
  • Load your own luggage into the car and sit as far away from the driver as possible; 
  • Follow all instructions for Covid-19 safe check-in at your quarantine site. 
During Quarantine

As per the Government of Canada’s Quarantine Act, if you test positive or develop symptoms, you are required to isolate for 10 days from the time the test result is received, or the start of symptoms. 

If you don’t meet the requirements of a fully vaccinated traveller, you’ll be either denied entry into Canada, required to quarantine for 14 days, or required to quarantine until you depart Canada. 

You must demonstrate that you have a suitable plan for quarantine. You’re expected to make these plans, within your own means, before travelling to Canada.

This means:

  • Stay in your own room as much as possible and away from others. Do not leave your quarantine room unless there is a medical emergency;
  • Keep your room well-ventilated and clean – open your window to let the air circulate;
  • Practice good hygiene:
    • Wash your hands frequently with plain soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
    • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when coughing or sneezing, or use a tissue;
    • Avoid coughing into either your hands or into the air;
    • Dispose of used tissues right away into a trash bin and immediately wash your hands;
    • Refer to the Covid-19 laundry policy at your quarantine site for having your clothes washed.
  • Ensure to connect with the college’s monitoring team (college will contact individual students via telephone call and/or email during the 14 day quarantine);
  • Connect with George Brown college’s support services;
  • Stay connected with friends and family via text, email, facetime, etc.;
  • Monitor your physical and mental well-being. If you are not feeling well, use the Government of Canada’s Covid-19 self-assessment tool to help determine if you need further assessment or testing. Immediately contact George Brown at and your quarantine provider if you feel sick.

Please remember that 14-day quarantine is a mandatory requirement of the Quarantine Act and not optional.

After Quarantine

For the duration of your stay in Canada, please be mindful of and respect public health directives.

  • Continue to practice proper hygiene, including hand washing and use of hand sanitizer;
  • Use proper coughing and sneezing etiquette;
  • Practice physical distancing.

If you have any questions, please ensure to contact us at:

Accommodation Options

The George Student Residence

Arrange for a place to stay in Toronto before arrival. If you do not have local friends or relatives to help you find a place, George Brown College has a student residence which you may want to consider applying for. For details, please go to the residence webpage.


You may also want to consider staying with a Canadian family through a Homestay Program.  


George Brown College has partnered with 4stay, an online marketplace for student housing. They help students, interns and professionals connect with local hosts, roommates, and room providers, and they match the right guests with quality hosts. Search for thousands of stays around the campus as they have over 100,000 rooms, homes, and homestays on their platform. 

Visit 4Stay to search for a listing.