Lina Avendano

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Lina Maria Avendano is a Colombian - Canadian Industrial & Jewellery Designer who since her childhood she began to relate the world of design and art as life style through her grandmother. A Spanish literature professor with great passion for porcelain painting, was the match that sparked her passion for art, literature and design, love for beauty and functionality.

In 2004, Lina began her studies in Industrial Design at the Pontificia Bolivariana University (UPB). A place where she found the magic that holds Jewellery. As her interests gained with her exploration with metals, she was also involved in branding, packaging, and furniture design.

2013, Lina studied Jewellery Arts in a professional and less empirical approach at George Brown College where she got for two consecutive years the Recognition Academic Distinction, Dean's List 2015 & 2016.

After graduating, she began to work as a technician in Metal Finishing with Martha Glenny and support staff to Jewellery faculty. It was her obsession with the exploration of new technologies and materials combined with metals when she was artist in residence, and became Digital Technician for the Jewellery department in 2017.

Her jewellery work has been exhibit at UPB Salon Exhibition (Medellin, Colombia), The Art Gallery of Burlington, Craft Ontario, Tiff and published in SNAG digital news, Fashion Magazine Canada and CJ Jeweller Magazine. Also 2019, Lina had the honour to be part of the 9th Great Jewellery Heist Collection in support of Bridgepoint Active Healthcare a member of the Sinai Health System and affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Why Industrial Design & Jewellery?

“Many people ask me why did I focus on the study of jewellery? ... Believe it or not, jewellery is the development of industrial design on a smaller scale, it challenges the exploration of new materials and technologies, It is highly linked to ergonomics, creates brand awareness it drives the design process to meet high customer expectations in terms of costs, aesthetics and reliability among other qualities. Jewellery also requires high logic for the execution of the development processes. These elements are a daily challenge for an industrial designer because I.D combines art, business and engineering until finally reaching a fragile balance that generates a new product, and undoubtedly connects people.​​“

Academic Credentials

  • 2016  Jewellery Arts Advanced Diploma, George Brown College
  • 2012 ELT - Enhanced Language Training Program for Professionals, Niagara College
  • 2010 Private Jewellery Classes, Lina Alvarez, Brand Studio (Colombian Artist, Industrial and Jewellery designer)
  • 2009 Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana 


  • 2016 - Mika's Intention Award For effort and success in a second career
  • 2016 - Platinum Unlimited Award Graduate Jewellery Arts student whose work demonstrated technical excellence.
  • 2016 - Umicore Precious Metals Award For innovative and competent use of ideas and materials.
  • Finalist on 2015 Vaccaro Family Scholarship For designing a ring related to "Ladies Night" within the budget of up to $1500
  • 2013 - Certificate of Recognition for the Contribution and Participation in the e-Newsletter Club at Niagara College
  • 2010 - Recognition from Pontificia Bolivariana University & its Director for Andina Pack 2009 - Gold Award
  • 2009 - Gold Award: Packing for Institutional Dinnerware: Arecacea by Andina Pack
  • 2009 - 2nd Place: Inner Child - designed Jewellery inspired by the child inside every adult Chupa Chups - IED (Instituto Europeo di Design), Italy
  • 2007 - Best Project: Show Room of Industrial Design at UPB - Product & Market
  • 2007 - 1st Place: Creativity from Our Land - designed Jewellery inspired by Colombian Artists Antioquia Museum, Medellin, Colombia
  • 2006 - Best Project: Show Room of Industrial Design at UPB- Product Development