Printing and Copying

Print or copy in full-colour or black and white with the card-operated printers/copiers available at all of our locations. *The machines print double-sided copies by default.

Specialized printing includes:

  • plotters (available at Casa Loma LLC)
  • 3D printing (available at Casa Loma, Waterfront and St. James LLCs)
  • Wireless printing from your laptop or from home is also available.

How to Pay

George Brown College student photo ID or library cards are used as print/copier cards. 

Money may be added to your student photo ID or library card through the cash-to-card stations (cash only) or Help desk (cash, debit or credit). Students may also pay cash for print jobs at the Help desk.

Claim a refund for remaining balances on your card by completing a Print / Copy Refund Request form in person during business hours (available at the main service desk), or by using the online form (please note, this may take up to 3 business days to process).

How to Print in the Library

Putting Money on your Student Card

Printing Prices:

Black and White

  • If using student or library card: 4¢ per page or 8¢ double-sided
  • If using cash: 10¢ per page or 20¢ double-sided 


  • If using student or library card: 30¢ per page or 60¢ double-sided 
  • If using cash: 35¢ per page or 70¢ double-sided

Printing with Premium Paper

  • An additional charge of 5¢ per page, regardless of whether you are using your student card, library card, or cash.


  • If using student or library card: $2.00 per page for black and white or $7.00 per page for colour
  • If using cash: $2.50 per page for black and white or $8.00 per page for colour