Computers and Software

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Using Computers and Software at the Library

Each library has a network of computers available to students for academic research, including the use of online and CD-ROM databases, web-based resources and the internet. You have the option of downloading material to your own portable drive, e-mailing material to yourself, or printing. Please read through the policies on the Computer Use page for guidelines on open access computer usage.

Computer Software

The computers at each campus have hardware and software specific to the classes taught at each campus location:

See Computer software list

iPad Apps

LLC iPads come preloaded with a number of apps including the iWorks suite, specialized program content (for each campus), accessibility apps and access to our extensive e-Book and Database collections. If you are interested in installing any of the selected apps on your own device, please click on any app name listed to be directed to iTunes. The closest equivalent Android versions of each app in Google Play are also included. Preloaded apps are specific to classes taught at each campus location:

See ipad app listHow to borrow an ipad

What's Available at Each Campus?

341 King St. LLC
  • 29 Open Access Computers, inside library (1 PC and 28 iMac)
  • 6 Open Access Computers, outside library (iMac)
  • 2 Computer Kiosks, inside library
  • 1 Computer Kiosk, outside library
  • 1 Scanner (PC)
  • 33 Laptops (PC)
  • 2 MacBook Pros
  • 30 iPads
Casa Loma LLC
  • 252 Open Access Computers (233 PC and 19 iMac)
  • 8 Computer Kiosks
  • 4 Scanners (PC)
  • 50 Laptops (PC)
  • 10 MacBook Pros
  • 60 iPads

*Casa Loma LLC also has a silent computer room. Any noise that may be disruptive to others is not permitted.

LLC @ 300 Adelaide St.
  • 45 Open Access Computers (43 PC and 2 iMac)
  • 7 Computer Kiosks
  • 2 Scanners (PC)
  • 5 Laptops (PC)
Ryerson Academic Resource Centre
  • 24 Open Access Computers (PC)
  • 1 Scanner (PC)
  • 6 Laptops (PC)
  • 24 Netbooks
  • 2 MacBook Pros
  • 20 iPads
St. James LLC (Upper Level)
  • 243 Open Access Computers (228 PC and 15 iMac)
  • 10 Computer Kiosks
  • 4 Scanners (PC)
  • 55 Laptops (PC)
  • 10 MacBook Pros
  • 60 iPads
St. James LLC (Lower Level)
  • 131 Open Access Computers (80 PC and 51 iMac)
  • 8 Computer Kiosks
  • 3 Scanners (PC)
Waterfront LLC (6th Floor)
  • 57 Open Access Computers (48 PC and 9 iMac)
  • 10 Computer Kiosks
  • 2 Scanners (PC)
  • 30 Laptops (PC)
  • 10 Macbook Pros
  • 60 iPads
Waterfront LLC (5th Floor)
  • 48 Open Access Laptops (PC) in the Instruction Room *These are Open Access when instruction room is not in use.
  • 42 Open Access Computers (PC) in the bookable Silent Computer Lab *These are Open Access when BlackBoard testing is not taking place.