Computer Use

The Library Learning Commons’ on-campus computers are reserved for independent learning, academic research, projects and assignments by currently registered students.

  • All library computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Sign in using your GBC ID (
  • Library staff provide basic computer help, but do not teach how to use software applications
  • Always save your files to a personal drive / USB as files are deleted upon restart
  • Academic use takes priority at computer workstations

Your Responsibilities:

  • Comply with legislation and GBC policies related to computer use, software and online content
  • Avoid unnecessary printing and cost, by previewing your document; refunds only issued for printer error
  • Save your work and log out from the computer when you are done


  • Installation of personal software
  • Interference with the setup, configuration, or software on any computer
  • Disconnecting cables attached to the computer

Login Instructions

  • Instructions for logging into the computers are as follows:
An infographic of the steps to login. 1. Select "Sign-in options"; 2. Select the "key" icon; 3. Enter your GBC credentials