Borrow Laptops, iPads and more


Open access desktop computers are available for use at all LLC locations. In addition, designated laptops are available for single-day use (up to 8 hours) and must be returned before closing.

Laptops, wifi hotspots, and iPads can be borrowed for up to 7 days, with the possibility of two renewals (subject to availability). Please return all technology equipment to the LLC location you acquired it from.

SEMESTER-LONG Equipment loans

The reservation system for semester-long loans is now closed and we are no longer mailing out tech equipment. Please see above for borrowing technology equipment on campus.

SEMESTER-LONG Equipment Loan Returns

To return equipment for free, use the return address shipping label included in the loan package. If you did not receive a shipping label and would like one emailed to you, please contact

You are responsible for shipping costs without the label. 

Alternatively, you may deliver returns in person to our three main LLC locations St. James, Casa Loma, and Waterfront. Check the opening dates and times of each location carefully before arriving. 

Please note that if returns are not received by the due date of April 29, 2022, you will receive overdue notices for the items due and fines will be incurred. 

If you reserved equipment for semester-long loans in person, please return the equipment to the LLC location you acquired it from.

Important dates

April 29: Return date for all equipment requested for the Winter semester.