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George Brown College's Copyright Policy

This page is written and maintained by GBC's Copyright/Open Access Resource Librarian whose role is to help instructors, staff and students understand Canada’s copyright law and any licensing agreements, governing the copying of material under copyright.

Visit our CopyrightHelp! database for copyright FAQs and information, or to ask your own copyright question.

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The policy includes:

  • Appendix A: Fair Dealing Policy (adopted from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges)
  • Appendix B: 6 Point Fair Dealing Test
  • Appendix C: Student Course Work License Form
  • Appendix D: GBC Copyright Guidelines
  • Appendix E: Permission (Transactional Licensing) Procedures
  • Appendix F: Guest Speaker Release Form
  • Appendix G: Copyright Clearance Process and Procedures
  • Appendix H: GBC Photocopier/Scanner Guidelines 
  • Appendix I: Memo to Students

Please note: George Brown College is no longer operating under the Access Copyright Interim Tariff. 

Please contact Copyright Services or call the Copyright Hotline: 416-415-5000 X 6945 for details regarding any of the following services:

  • Copyright workshops
  • Advice and assessment on using copyrighted materials
  • Permission Acquisition– Copyright Services will obtain permission from the copyright holder for instructors needing to use copyrighted material on Blackboard or in the classroom

We, each student and staff member, are responsible for observing copyright law and licensing agreements.

The content in this Guide is not intended as legal advice.

If you have any questions regarding George Brown College’s Copyright Policy please contact Heather Buffett, ext. 6947,