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Did you know that you can sign out both PC and Mac laptops for use on campus?
We ask that you please return all technology equipment to the LLC location you borrowed it from. 

Changes to LLC Laptop Loan Policy

The LLC laptop loan period is now 8 hours, and the late fee lowered from $5/hr to $1/hr.

Long term loans were designed to support students during the LLC’s closures related to the pandemic and the SJ closure. Supporting students in the current hybrid model of class delivery is best met by shorter term lending. This will allow multiple students to use the same device daily or weekly and will allow students to attend class or work in another location other than the LLC.  

These changes are part of our efforts to ensure equitable access to our resources and improve the reach of our technology programs to as many students as possible. 

Please also note:
Centre for Business students may be eligible for longer term loans depending on their course registration, as some courses require a laptop to participate in and complete work; these students may not have received notice in time to ensure that they had an appropriate device for the start of the first term.

Types of Laptops

An image of a Dell laptop.

Dell Laptops

An image of a MacBook Pro Apple computer.

Mac Laptops