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Overdue Fines and Charges

Library users are responsible for all transactions made on their accounts and are subject to overdue fines and any charges for lost or damaged materials. Lost IDs must be reported immediately to prevent misuse.

Library borrowing privileges are suspended when outstanding fines exceed $10.00. Transcripts may be withheld until the student record is cleared. Check your library account for any outstanding items or fines.

Fines Schedule

Type of MaterialFine RateMaximum Fine
(per item)
Replacement Cost
(if lost)
Reserves (3 Hour Loans)$1.00/hour$50.00Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee
1 Day Loans$5.00/day$50.00Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
3 Day Loans$1.00/day$50.00Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
7 Day Loans$1.00/day $50.00 Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
Books (2 WkS)$0.00$0.00Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
Paperback Novels$0.00$0.00 Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
ESL Kits25¢/day $50.00Cost of the item plus $15 processing fee 
Laptops (8 hrs)$1.00/hour$2000.00Cost of the item 
Laptops (7 day) / iPads$5.00/day$250.00Cost of the item 

Digital Cameras, Projectors, DVD Players, Voice Recorders, etc.



Cost of the item 
Cables, Mice, Presentation Pointers25¢/day$5.00Cost of the item
Mac Mice and Mac Keyboards$1.00/day$50.00Cost of the item

*For other special materials not listed, please ask your campus library by sending us an email.

**If you have incurred a fine and you believe you have cause for dispute please submit your concerns here.