Creating an Accessible Learning Environment

What is Accessible Learning Environment

Accessibility is fundamental to George Brown College's core values of excellence, accountability, diversity and respect. As a college, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone: employees, students and our community members. To learn more, please visit the below link:

More information on Accessible Learning

Tips for Creating Accessible Learning Environments

Tip 1 Start with Tools Already Available

Leverage what is built into the technology available to students. Minimize the introduction of new technology and digital materials to ensure continuity and avoid barriers with interoperability.

Tip 2 Create Accessible Content

If you are producing content that is accessible to students, it is important to keep in mind the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (a technical guide). The guidelines have been simplified by the National Center for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM), into the acronym POUR: perceivable, operable, understandable, robust.

Tip 3 Check for Accessibility

Many document creation tools have built-in accessibility checkers to help look for items in your document that meet the POUR guidelines from above.
Example: Microsoft Built-In Accessibility Checker - Step by step guide on checking the accessibility of a document.


George Brown Specific Resources:

Disability Specific Community Resources