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Camtasia Software

Camtasia is a user-friendly screen capturing and video editing software that is free for faculty and students to use through AppsAnywhere. Camtasia provides the tools you need to record, edit, and share high-quality videos. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Camtasia lets you capture your screen, add professional effects, and customize your videos.

How to get Camtasia for Free

AppsAnywhere is free for George Brown students, staff and faculty to access anytime, from anywhere and it includes software such as Camtasia and the Adobe suite.

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Software and Appsanywhere Support

If you have any questions about Camtasia, please contact:

Camtasia Training Videos

Camtasia Tutorials

Techsmith, the makers of Camtasia, have a comprehensive set of training resources with videos. Visit the following link for the complete list of Camtasia tutorials:

Complete list of Camtasia tutorials

Learn Camtasia in 5 Minutes

Learn how to set up a recording, complete basic video edits, and share your video using Camtasia's new AI assisted workflow - Camtasia Rev.

Video Editing Basics

In this video, TechSmith's master trainer, Jason Valade, walks you through his own video editing workflow in Camtasia, TechSmith's video editing software. Jason covers everything from the basics of saving your project as a standalone file, to track customization, up through more advanced editing with our keyframe animations.

Add Arrows, Shapes and Callouts

Improve your video and focus your user’s attention with customizable annotations including arrows, shapes, and callouts.

Here are some examples of the types of videos you can create with Camtasia

Record Screen for a Walk-Through Demo

In this example below, Camtasia was used to record a walk-through of a series of screens. The Zoom-and-Pan and Cursor Effects tools were used to help draw the learners' eye the important elements on screen. ​While the screen was being recorded, the narrator's voice was recorded at the same time.

Record Your Screen To Show How-To

In this example below, Camtasia was used to demonstrate steps in completing a task by recording the screen. A graphic element (TLX logo jpg) was added to the start of the video. The video creator recorded the screen, and then added voice narration afterward.

Edit Camera Captures

In this video below, Camtasia was not used to capture a screen. Instead, the video contents were recorded with a camera, and Camtasia was then used to edit the video. The camera files were imported to the video timeline, cut, spliced together, and text callouts were added.


Capture an Existing Video

In this video below, Camtasia was used to capture a video which was found on YouTube and which had.a Creative Commons license on it. Normally it is not legal to record someone else's video and post it on your own channel, but in this case it's legal because of the Creative Commons license. The copied video was then posted to a YouTube account where the account holder could add/correct the captions.