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Welcome to XChange, a podcast for faculty by faculty

Produced by the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX), this podcast explores a variety of topics related to teaching and learning at George Brown College. Tune in for faculty interviews, discussions on the scholarship of education, updates on new teaching technologies, and much, much more.

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XChange FORUM Episode 10 - A Discussion with Dr. Margrit Talpalaru

In this episode, Dr. Patricia C. Robinson from the TLX chats with Dr. Margrit Talpalaru, Professor in the Department of English and Communications, about how they apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Multiple Means of Action and Expression in their courses. Margit discusses specific examples, particularly how to scaffold student assignments in order to support the process of learning while integrating learner choice, authenticity, and skills development for transference to the workplace.

Keywords: UDL, Actions, Expression, Assignments, Authenticity, Skills Development, Workplace

XChange Forum: Episode 10 Transcript

Xchange FORUM Episode 9 - A Discussion with Silvia Caceido

In this episode, Patricia speaks with Silvia Caceido, a professor in the School of Work and College Preparation in the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies. Silvia shares what she has learned about her students, the assumptions faculty make about students, and how she motivates and connects with her students. She also shares her strategies for staying positive while continuing to teach from home during the pandemic.

Keywords: technology, access, motivation, digital literacy, connecting with students, information overload, staying positive

XChange Forum: Episode 9 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 8 - A Discussion with Rusa Jeremic

In this episode, Rusa Jeremic, Professor and Researcher in the Community Worker program in the School of Social and Community Services, shares strategies for building community in an online teaching environment. She explains how she encourages her students to be on camera during synchronous learning sessions, how she engages and motivates her learners through fun activities, and how she collects and integrates student feedback into her lessons.

Keywords: flipgrip, padlet, digital literacy, workplace readiness, group activities, transparency

XChange Forum: Episode 8 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 7 - A Discussion with Mary Symonds

Patricia talks with Mary Cole (Symonds), Professor and Program Coordinator in the Office Administration Program - Health Services in the Health Sciences Department. Mary shares her experiences of transitioning to teaching fully online, how she builds community in her courses, and the ways she supports the learning of her students. She talks about how the pandemic impacted students in their final semester of the program, and she also shares some tips for being an effective online instructor.

Keywords: students' needs, anxiety, lessons learned, boundaries, flexibility, graduating students, teacher presence

Xchange Forum: Episode 7 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 6 - A Discussion with Erin Schieman, Karen Sinotte, and Robert Walker

Patricia talks with three faculty members from the Centre for Business, Erin Schieman, Karen Sinotte, and Robert Walker. They share how they've been a support for one another since the pandemic began, how they have been adapting to online teaching and learning, as well as what they've learned about each other through the process.

Keywords: collegial support, learning together, experimenting, building confidence

Xchange Forum: Episode 6 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 5 - A Discussion with Charlene Dunstan

Patricia speaks with Charlene Dunstan, coordinator/professor in the Social Service Worker Program in the Department of Community Services and Health Sciences. Charlene discusses how she focused on her strengths as she made the transition to teaching fully online. She also talks about the importance of creating opportunities for her students to connect with one another around the subject matter.

Keywords: developing strengths, making purposeful connections, student learning

Xchange Forum: Episode 5 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 4 - A Discussion with Celina Costa

Patricia interviews Celina Costa, faculty in the School of ESL. Celina discusses the curriculum project she was involved in and the impact the pandemic had on the rollout of the new curriculum. Celina also shares some of the challenges and joys she experienced from being involved in the project, as well as what she learned as a result.

Keywords: curriculum, teacher identity, collaboration, UDL, Nearpod

Xchange Forum: Episode 4 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 3 - A Discussion with Laura Pastrik

Patricia talks to Laura Pastrik, a faculty member in the School of Health and Wellness, about she uses a blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching strategies in her online classes.

Keywords: student engagement, videos, discussions, breakout groups, UDL, authenticity, making connections, tech for teaching

Xchange Forum: Episode 3 Transcript

XChange Forum Episode 2 - A Discussion with Ramon Delgado

Ramon Delgado, Professor/Coordinator in CADIT, shares what he has been learning from his experiences of supporting his colleagues in their transition to teaching fully online.

Keywords: online teaching, embracing technology, making mistakes

Xchange Forum: Episode 2 Transcript

XChange FORUM Episode 1 - A Discussion with Alison Ross

Dr. Patricia Robinson talks to Alison Ross, a faculty member in the Centre for Health Sciences, about how she uses social media and Blackboard to get her students excited, motivated, and curious about what they’re learning.

Keywords: Instagram, videos, authenticity, connecting with students, student engagement

Xchange Forum: Episode 1 Transcript

Episode 12

Michael Avis, Nicki Monahan, and Dr. Patty Robinson from the Teaching and Learning Exchange discuss making your teaching and learning resolutions stick.

Episode 12 Transcript

Episode 11

Nicki Monahan and Michael Avis sit down with Design students Asna Khan and Yasmin Ranjkesh, producers of the SOD Talks.

Episode 10

Nicki Monahan and Michael Avis discuss the challenges of keeping a positive mindset during a difficult time in the term. Tune in for some tips on how to keep things positive.

Episode 9

In this episode, Nicki Monahan and Margrit Talpalaru discuss fostering a culture of academic integrity at George Brown College.

Episode 8

In this episode, Michael Avis and Nicki Monahan discuss Formative Assessments - Three Ways To Get Formative.

Episode 7

In this episode, Michael Avis and Nicki Monahan discuss what learner feedback revealed about what learners believe they need to be successful at George Brown College.

Episode 6

In this episode, Michael Avis and Nicki Monahan talk about anxiety and expectations for the first week of class.

Episode 5

In this episode, Nicki Monahan and Michael Avis discuss ways to stay authentic while teaching from a distance.

Episode 4

In this episode, Michael Avis and Nicki Monahan discuss what's next after the initial push to "going on-line" has happened.

Episode 3

In the episode, Nicki Monahan and Michael Avis discuss some strategies in creating a welcoming learning environment for students in an on-line environment.

Episode 2

In this episode, the TLX team sits down to discuss what they do, who they are, and what inspires them to work at George Brown College.

Episode 1 (Trailer)

Produced by the Teaching and Learning Exchange, the podcast will take a bi-weekly look at everything teaching and learning at George Brown College.