Just in Time Video Series

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Do you have a few minutes to learn something new?

Just in Time tutorials are short videos created and produced by George Brown College faculty in order to give some quick tips on subjects that relate to teaching and learning.

Watch our Tutorials

Academic Integrity

Watch as Dr. Margrit Talpalaru discusses how to foster a culture of academic integrity at George Brown College.

Accessible Learning Services

Join Mandy, an Accessibility Consultant at George Brown, as she discusses accommodations and accessibility in the classroom.

Accessible Powerpoints

Watch as Joanna Friend, Professor from the School of Early Childhood, explains how to make the most out of your learning resources to help students stay engaged and feel included.

Engaging Learning Environment

Learn how to create a positive and engaging learning environment from day 1.

How to Use AppsAnywhere

Learn how to use AppsAnywhere, a free service that allows George Brown students, staff and faculty to access software, on-demand, anytime, anywhere, from Michael Avis, Faculty Facilitator and Professor.

Time Management

Does working online leave you feeling like you are working all the time? In this JIT video, we'll share tips for managing your time and workload, and helping your students do the same.

Universal Design for Learning

UDL specialist Ravinder Brar gives a brief overview of Universal Design for Learning and what we can do to ensure that our curriculum design is responsive for all GBC learners.