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TLX Collaborates with Anagaile Soriano to Enhance Clinical Orientation and Health Assessment Modules with H5P Integration

Anagaile Soriano, esteemed for her academic leadership within clinical teams and with learners, has long been dedicated to fostering an innovative learning environment. Her expertise spans curriculum design, assessment, and education informatics, all aimed at enriching the learning experiences of aspiring healthcare professionals. Serving as a Clinical Instructor, Nursing Lab Specialist, and Mentor, Anagaile plays a pivotal role in guiding students along their educational journey.

In past years, Anagaile has collaborated closely with the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX) and Evelyn, the Learning Technologies Specialist, on the development of Clinical Orientation Modules. TLX's support has been instrumental in aiding Anagaile with the integration of H5P interactive books into the nursing program's orientation and health assessment courses as e-learning modules, seamlessly incorporating them into the Learning Management System.

Previously, the absence of an interactive online module during clinical course orientation posed challenges. Students relied on independent review with audio, leading to difficulties in tracking their engagement with pre-clinical orientation documents. Consequently, inquiries about clinical preparation were abundant, as students often did not thoroughly review the orientation information.

However, this term marked a significant improvement with the introduction of an H5P interactive orientation online module. Featuring a "test your knowledge" submission at the end, this innovation enables tracking of students' completion, with grades assigned to ensure thorough review of orientation information. Notably, the term saw a commendable 71% completion rate, with efforts aimed at reaching a 100% completion rate in subsequent terms. Completion of this module before attending clinicals is now deemed crucial, resulting in a significant reduction in email inquiries and questions about clinical preparation.

Since integration of e-learning modules into health assessment courses with specific topics, the content has been made available to students throughout the term to access for content review and health assessment skills preparation for lab practice. This has been implemented for two terms and feedback is currently in progress on the innovation of learning delivery.

Information dissemination has become more effective through various channels, including the online H5P module and virtual clinical orientation sessions. TLX's support in developing orientation modules through H5P has been invaluable. Moving forward, Anagaile looks forward to leveraging TLX resources further to enhance engagement and streamline processes in clinical and health assessment courses.