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Heidi Marsh, Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning

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An academic leader in higher education, with experience in the college and university sectors. Demonstrated ability to drive innovation and excellence in teaching and learning among the professoriate and across the institution, with a commitment to evidence-informed approaches. A natural collaborator who empowers individuals and teams to do their best work, with an emphasis on quality, productivity, and fun. Experienced in educational research and development, with areas of interest including 21st century learning environments and faculty development. A demonstrated track record of success with academic publishing, both as an author and an editor, in the fields of educational research and cognitive psychology.

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Jason Inniss, Director, Teaching Excellence

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Jason (he/him) joined the George Brown College community in 2012 as a faculty member at the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Over the years, he's worn many hats – professor, coordinator, chair of college council, UDL facilitator, TLX  associate, and most recently, chair of the LEAD Values Refresh steering committee.

Jason will oversee the ongoing Professional Learning programming within the TLX, including the New Faculty Academy, the annual  TLX conference, and other keystone programs. He will also lead the development of a new suite of micro-certificates in the coming months, as well as supporting the implementation of the Academic Plan.

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Joanna Friend, UDL and Accessible Pedagogy Manager

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Joanna Friend is the UDL Integration Manager in the TLX and leads the work in building UDL capacity college-wide. She works on various access and inclusion professional development initiatives for faculty and educators along with building UDL capacity in both curricular and co-curricular spaces.

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Digital Learning Team

Learning Technologies Specialists are e-learning specialists who work with faculty and other members of the GBC community to design online and blended learning environments. We work with faculty and coordinators to develop online learning activities for all kinds of courses: web-enhanced, hybrid and fully online. They develop multimedia components for online course content creatively exploring the use of copy, visuals, video content, and reference articles, to guide users through learning and habit-building experiences. They also design and deliver presentations on technology, as well as prepare/create original materials to facilitate one-on-one training and workshops. They also can help with strategies for transitioning from on-campus teaching to off-campus, including the re-design of lesson plans, fostering engagement and exploring alternative assessment options.

Educational Technology Specialist, and Immersive Specialist assist faculty in selecting and utilizing educational tools to enhance learning outcomes and achieve instructional goals. Through ongoing research, experimentation, and a dedication to innovation, we collaboratively create engaging learning experiences that leverage technology's full potential.

Instructional Technology Specialist supports faculty through facilitated and self-paced training for Brightspace and Zoom and provides guidance in using new functionalities to maximize positive student learning experiences.

Evelyn Chan, Learning Technologies Specialist

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Evelyn joined George Brown in 2015 and she provides recommendations and advising on educational technology. She works with faculty and coordinators to develop online learning activities for all kinds of courses: web enhanced, hybrid and fully online. She plans the scope of projects to develop digital content and interactive learning objects for online learning using Camtasia, Vyond, Articulate/RISE e-learning Module, H5P Development, Video Production, and Podcast. She also provides Instructional Design Assistance (consultation about course layout, online pedagogy, Quality Matters Standards Rubric, how to support learning using the Brightspace tools and environment) and facilitates one-on-one training and workshops.

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Rocio Conde, Educational Technology Specialist

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Rocio joined George Brown in 2023. She supports faculty with choosing and using Educational Technology tools to support learning outcomes and instructional goals. She enjoys researching, experimenting, and creating innovative learning experiences with technology and helping faculty create authentic and effective learning experiences for their students. She is passionate about faculty development. Additionally, Rocio can provide support on Universal Design for Learning, Accessibility of Digital Documents and learning materials, and XR in education. 

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Gian Michele Pileri, Immersive Technology Specialist

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Gian joined George Brown in 2023 and he provides Instructional Design Assistance (consultation about course layout, online pedagogy, how to support learning using the Brightspace tools and environment).

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Noelle Paredes-Plaza, Instructional Technology Specialist

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Noelle joined the TLX team in 2023. In her role, she supports faculty through facilitated and self-paced training for Brightspace and Zoom and provides guidance in using new functionalities to maximize positive student learning experiences. As a post-secondary educator, Noelle is experienced in designing and delivering technology-enhanced lessons grounded in UDL and adult learning principles.  




Operations Team

The Operations Team is responsible for the effective management, planning, and delivery of administrative and operational processes for the TLX (Teaching and Learning Exchange) department, ensuring that all processes are aligned with College and Academic Division strategic priorities, directions, and institutional policies.

Michelle Lee, Operations Manager

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Michelle manages the day-to-day operations of the office, file management, note taking, evidence gathering, etc. Acts as a liaison with other administrative departments, such as HR and Finance. Oversees the human resources and payroll processes, such as hiring contract employees and students, submitting timesheets to payroll, and is the lead for HR tools, such as the HRMS (i.e., Cornerstone). Oversees departmental programming calendar and schedule, including internal team meetings and events, TLX programs for faculty, and external activities, such as conferences. Also, Oversees the departmental budget and associated purchasing processes, including inter-departmental chargebacks, and is the lead for Financial tools, such as Millennium FAST, Chrome River, and Concur. Manages the day-to-day activities within the office including supporting the on- boarding of new staff.

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Faculty Facilitators

Faculty Facilitators at the TLX are teaching and learning specialists who support the ongoing professional development of all faculty groups across the college. In addition to offering a variety of education-related workshops and seminars, they are also available for individual and small group coaching or consultations. They also support faculty in the creation and facilitation of learning circles and book clubs, collaborate on special projects, and can be invited to provide department specific workshops or seminars related to teaching and learning, including the use of appropriate technological tools to support student learning.

Nicki Monahan

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Nicki Monahan, M Ed. is a Faculty Coach in The Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX). She works directly with faculty across their career span, providing training, consultation, and coaching to help advance the college’s strategic goal of “excellence in teaching and learning.” Nicki embraces principles of equity and inclusion, and her work is rooted in the belief that connection with ourselves and our students is at the heart of meaningful, transformative learning. Nicki has a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto and is a certified Personal and Professional Coach through Concordia University.

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Laz Simeon

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Lazaros Simeon’s work includes orienting and on-boarding new contract faculty, enhancing online course development and facilitation skills, and implementing educational technology.

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Patricia C. Robinson

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In addition to facilitating the New Faculty Academy, Patricia supports contract and permanent faculty in the application of learner-centered teaching strategies for online, blended, and face-to-face learning environments through the lens of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She provides workshops, and small group/individual consultations related to teaching practice, curriculum development, reflective practice, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Patricia has led Faculty Learning Circles (FLCs) and Book Clubs (BCs) and assists faculty in the development of their own FLCs and BCs. She is also a Certified Instructional Skills Workshop Facilitator (ISW). Her area of research focuses on teacher development and reflective practice through the use of narrative and arts-based methods.

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A faculty associate contributes significant services to a college or department in the form of limited instruction, supervision, or other assistance.

Agnes Orzechowski

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Agnes has a strong foundation in curriculum development which provides support to second language learners. Agnes is adept at integrating educational tools such as Nearpod, Padlet, Genially, Actively Learn, H5P and Flip to create engaging and pedagogically sound learning experiences.




Anna Bartosik

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Anna Bartosik’s (she/ona/elle) work spans across teaching, language learning research, instructional design, tech ethics, and teacher training/facilitation. Anna’s course development focuses on digital accessibility, representation, open education resources, and creating opportunities for students to direct their own learning. Anna is looking forward to new challenges as she begins a secondment with the Teaching and Learning Exchange.

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  • Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology

Blair Smith

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Blair splits his time at George Brown College as a TLX Associate in the Teaching and Learning Exchange and a Professor of Marketing in the School of Marketing–Centre for Business. As an INTP, he’s part of only 3% of the population that are generally characterized as "ingenious problem solvers", "innovation architects" and "the secret weapon". Blair considers himself a Learning Experience Designer who draws from core principles and practices of modern marketing, active learning, experience design and innovation in the work he does.

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  • Centre for Continuous Learning

Elena Chudaeva

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Elena Chudaeva, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a TLX Associate. She has expertise in instructional design, development and teaching of online and blended courses, and development and using Open Educational Resources for teaching and learning. Elena has been actively involved in various projects related to STEM educational technology curriculum integration and Universal Design for Learning research and practice. 

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  • Centre for Community Services & Health Sciences

  • Centre for Construction & Engineering Technologies

Griffin Epstein

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Griffin epstein (they/them) is a community-engaged researcher, mental health and harm reduction practitioner, and full-time faculty member in the Social Service Worker department. They are passionate about creating accessible, disability justice-oriented teaching and learning communities and supporting movements for justice within and outside the classroom.

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  • Centre for Community Services & Health Sciences

  • Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies

Kate Klein

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Kate Klein (they/them) is a TLX Associate and a full-time professor in the Transitions to Post-Secondary Education program in CPLS. They are passionate about practices that explore the inner lives of teachers, as well as students’ emotional experience of the classroom (with a particular focus on trauma-informed, UDL-designed, neurodiversity-centred, and anti-oppressive teaching practices). They love to create spaces where people can talk through their stuck places, their creative ideas, and all the “complicated stuff” that comes with teaching. Outside of GBC, they are a writer and facilitator, and are active in movements for social change.

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  • Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies

Marissa Malkowski

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Marissa Malkowski (she/her) is an Inclusive Education Advisor in the TLX and an Accessibility Consultant in Accessible Learning Services. She is passionate about inclusive and accessible course design. Marissa has a particular interest in utilizing UDL to navigate through attitudinal and systemic barriers. Her work with faculty often includes demonstrating how the needs of students with disabilities can be addressed within a more inclusive course design, reducing the need for individual accommodations.

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