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In this talk, Sarah Eaton provides insights into how Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and similar apps are impacting teaching, learning, and assessment. Eaton will share insights from a recent research project she is leading at the University of Calgary in which the team is asking the question: What are the ethical implications of artificial intelligence technologies for teaching, learning, and assessment?

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Evolved 2023

We explored the latest technology to the latest tools and research, focusing on high-impact and ready-to-implement practices. Our keynote speaker and plenary speaker focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Intersession Week Professional Development Sessions

April 23, 2023 

Faculty Perspectives on Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In this moderated discussion, a panel of faculty members shared their individual perspectives on the impact of AI tools, such as Chat GPT, on assessment. Brief presentations by faculty regarding how they are supporting students to think critically and use AI tools, followed by a Q & A, as well as a facilitated discussion.

The Zoom videos for the other presentations are below:
  • Artificial Intelligence 101: This workshop provides general information about Artificial Intelligence tools such as generative AI. We discuss ethical concerns related to the creation and use of such tools. We also explore how AI tools can be used in an educational context and how these tools can support faculty and students in post-secondary education. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices and possible use of AI in their courses and/or assessments.
  • Using Online Tools to Engage in Feedback as a Conversation: How can feedback be a conversation between educators and learners? This session provides an overview of various tools used to provide students with feedback. Grounded in research and experience, Rachael Lewitzky explains her teaching philosophy and her approach to providing learners with continuous feedback. She gives examples of how she scaffolds feedback tools in her lessons and highlights how the tools are sequenced in her courses. Demonstrations of specific tools are incorporated throughout the session.
  • Authentic Assessment: In this one-hour workshop, we explore how deepening our understanding of “authentic” assessment can enhance our learners’ abilities to demonstrate what they have learned. Using a UDL framework, we consider how moving towards wider range of options for assessment can remove barriers to student success. We provide examples of “authentic” assessment ideas and invite participants to brainstorm how to transform their assessment strategies using UDL principles.
  • Feedback or Feedforward: Creating a Culture of Trust and Connection through Feedback: How can instructors convey feedback that can lead to improvement without undermining motivation and self-confidence? Providing constructive feedback is a powerful tool for increasing engagement and scaffolding course outcomes. How to build “human” interaction through feedback and use the “wise feedback” or “feedforward” approach. This 1-hour workshop highlights some of the current academic literature on providing feedback to post-secondary learners, best practices for giving constructive and respectful feedback and challenges related to this. 
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Fall - Intersession Week

October 26, 2022 

Learner Success by Intention: Applying Universal Design for Learning

In this interactive experience, you will have the opportunity to take what you have learned about Universal Design for Learning and put it into practice. We’ll utilize a design frame to walk through the steps of iterative, intentional course (re)design. Whether you are a contract faculty or full time professor, we will explore how you have opportunities to transform your learners experience, with the course(s) you teach and how you can equip them to engage and improve in your classroom and beyond.

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A Back-to-School Event - (Re)Connecting by Design

Sept 1, 2022

We kick off the new school year with a keynote by renowned speaker and educator Flower Darby.

Join us to reflect on and reimagine the ways that we connect with one another, both online and in-person, and to re-invigorate our teaching through building meaningful connections with our learners, and the teaching and learning community at-large. Flower will share concrete strategies and tips to help faculty feel motivated to re-engage, in the face of ongoing challenges in higher education.

Pause, Play, and Fast Forward Online Learning Conference

June 9, 2022

Opening and Keynotes Speakers

During this conference, faculty, administrators, and staff will PAUSE and reflect on the past two years, PLAY and discover something new, and FAST FORWARD and consider what is possible.

There is much to reflect on and share as we continue to deliver quality online learning experiences. It is time to PAUSE and reflect on the past two years, to PLAY and discover something new, and to FAST FORWARD and consider what is possible.