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What is the TLX and what are some of the services it provides to faculty?

The Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX) serves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all full-time and contract faculty at GBC in support of their teaching and learning-related needs.

The goal of the TLX is to foster a culture of teaching innovation and excellence, from in-class to hybrid to fully online learning, by providing ongoing professional learning opportunities, support for teaching innovation, and ‘just-in-time’ teaching resources and training.

Services include one-on-one coaching and consultation, on-demand digital resources, interactive workshops, college-wide conferences, instructional design support, and much more.

The TLX also supports faculty in integrating educational technology into their teaching (e.g., Brightspace, Zoom, and ed tech apps), and in the development of digital curricular assets, such as videos, graphics, podcasts, and immersive learning experiences (VR/AR/XR). Finally, the TLX offers a number of ongoing professional learning opportunities for faculty, including teaching certificates and micro-certificates.

TLX Core Values


We are innovative.  

We model/embody the innovation mindset, with the courage to act and adapt, and the openness to take risks and experiment in our practice, in line with the evolving social, technological, and global environment.    

In turn, we create the conditions for faculty to innovate, take risks, and explore new and creative ways to advance learning, always ensuring they feel empowered and sufficiently supported.  


We Are Inclusive.  

We serve all faculty to help them serve all students.    

We work from an equity perspective with understanding of the intersectionalities of identities which all faculty bring to their/our work.    We value the student experience and our critical role to support faculty to be responsive to the diverse needs of their learners.  


We are exemplary/authentic. 

We walk the talk.    

Our work arises from and models evidence-informed practices that promote teaching excellence, guided by principles of inclusivity, including Universal Design for Learning, anti-oppression, and accessibility, and enhanced with digital fluency and innovation.  


We are supportive.  

We create the conditions for and inspire a commitment to lifelong learning and teaching excellence by listening to, encouraging, and empowering our colleagues.    

Through collaborative partnerships with faculty, we are responsive and compassionate / empathetic, as we strive to help faculty meet their learning goals.  


We are collaborative/connectors.  

We create spaces for conversation, community, and sharing of practice.    We bring faculty together, hosting, connecting, and leading GBC’s teaching and learning community.  

 We highlight Teaching Excellence in all its forms by promoting, recognizing, and celebrating the practices of our colleagues across the college community.  

How can we help you?

Teaching Support

Facilitated Support

Engage in a dynamic learning experience with our comprehensive teaching support services. Benefit from facilitated support, coaching, and consulting tailored to your unique needs.

Explore various avenues of professional development through workshops, drop-in sessions, and faculty learning circles. Earn certificates such as the UDL, New Faculty Academy, Contract Faculty, Teaching, and ISW, showcasing your commitment to excellence.

Self-Paced Learning

Embrace self-paced learning opportunities, supplemented by peer tips, and delve into Academic Excellence modules designed to elevate your teaching prowess.

Expand your skill set with access to LinkedIn Learning, a platform that empowers continuous growth and development. Elevate your teaching journey with our diverse and accessible resources.

Content Creation Support

Advising Teaching Online

We provide advising for teaching online. Navigate the nuances of teaching and learning in the online environment, fostering student engagement, and managing your class, including effective communication on Brightspace and discussion forums. Learn the art of assessments using Brightspace test tools and the Assessment Centre for a comprehensive and effective teaching experience.



Developing Online Courses

Begin your journey to develop online courses with our assistance and learn how to initiate the process. Discover the correct steps to request a Development Shell via Helpdesk, and gain insights through our Brightspace Orientation with personalized 1-on-1 assistance. Explore the essential elements and tools within Brightspace to create engaging and effective online learning experiences.

Learning Objects (LOs) Development

We assist you through the Learning Objects (LOs) Development, including Camtasia, Vyond Animations, Articulate/RISE e-learning Modules, H5P Development, Video, and Podcast creation. We assess your needs, strategically build content in relevant areas, meticulously test, and seamlessly deliver content within the learning system. Refine learning strategies and content for an optimal educational experience.

Educational Technology Support

Brightspace and zoom Training Support

Offering comprehensive support and training expertise on an array of essential tools, including Mentimeter, Zoom, Padlet, Miro, Engage, and VR goggles. TLX also provides training sessions for Brightspace and Zoom, ensuring seamless integration into your educational or collaborative ventures.