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Faculty highlights showcase faculty members as they share their experiences and insights with the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX). Discover how TLX collaborates with educators to enhance teaching methodologies, integrate innovative technologies, and foster engaging learning environments.

Photo of Anagaile

Anagaile Soriano, esteemed for her academic leadership within clinical teams and with learners, has long been dedicated to fostering an innovative learning environment.

How TLX Collaborate with Bernie transforming in-class to fully online and marking decision to Drop a Real Textbook for his unique teaching experience? We are also working on the 3rd course on International filming starting in January 2025.

It was late in the Fall of 1968, at the same time that George Brown College was welcoming its first students, that Howard was hired to teach ESL by the Toronto Board of Education.

Silvia Caicedo spoke these words during a Strengths Based Trauma Awareness session at the 2024 GBC Mental Health Conference. We were audience members discussing approaches to trauma-based pedagogy.