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Final Grades

Congratulations on completing another successful semester of teaching at George Brown! As the term comes to a close, here are some key steps to take as you wrap up the semester.

Finalizing and Submitting Final Grades

Step 1 - Brightspace

In Brightspace, review your Gradebook.  Double-check your gradebook to ensure all grades are accurately recorded. Verify that all assignments, quizzes, and exams are graded and entered correctly and address any discrepancies or missing grades.

Step 2 - Millennium

Submit final grades through the college's designated grading system. All courses are available for grading in Millennium starting 10 business days prior to the end of the course. If prompted, log in via Single Sign-On using your usual GBC employee credentials. Instructions for submitting grades can be found in the Millennium Grade Entry Guide.

Verify that grades are submitted accurately, as changes may be difficult to make after submission.

Course Evaluations

Reflect on the Semester

Whether you're new to teaching or a seasoned professional, the conclusion of the semester offers a valuable opportunity for reflection. Take a moment to review the successes and challenges of your teaching approach. Incorporate feedback from both students and colleagues to enhance your teaching practices. Identify effective strategies and areas where you can further develop, ensuring continuous improvement in your teaching journey.

Using Course Evalution for reflections

At the end of each semester, we ask students to provide feedback on our effectiveness as teachers in the form of student feedback questionnaires (SFQs). But what can students tell us about our teaching? If we’re open to reflecting on them, the end-of-semester student feedback questionnaires contain valuable information and clues on how we can become better teachers.

In this online workshop you will:

  • analyze course evaluations as a measure of teaching effectiveness,
  • develop strategies to interpret your student evaluations, and think of ways to improve your scores on succeeding SFQs.

This session will also consider evidence-based research on the validity of SFQs as measures of teaching effectiveness.

Grade Appeals

All George Brown College students have the right to appeal an academic decision they perceive to be unfair. It is expected that faculty members will make academic judgments that are consistent and fair, and that students’ academic records will reflect their demonstrated abilities and accomplishments. Students are entitled to know their rights under the Academic Appeals Policy.

Academic issues that may be appealed include: a final grade in a course, a grade within a course that could not be reassessed (e.g., oral presentation, performance, practical exam, placement) or that was denied reassessment, a probationary or withdrawal decision or a PLAR decision.  

It is expected that students, faculty members work to resolve academic issues at the program level in a timely fashion.  The first step is for the student and the faculty member to meet to discuss the grade. If a resolution is not reached and the student remains dissatisfied with the academic decision, the student may proceed with an Academic Appeal.

The following forms must be filled out by the student:

  • Appendix 3: Student Application Form,
  • Appendix 4: Chair Review Form and
  • Appendix 5: Medical Form