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What is Online Teaching?

Online teaching comes in many forms from synchronous video-conferenced lecture classes (i.e. remote teaching) to fully asynchronous courses containing learning modules.

Synchronous online 

Remote delivery with live lectures delivered over a video conferencing tool like Zoom. Students progress through the course at the pace determined by the instructor. Similar in structure to a face-to-face course but students attend remotely.

Asynchronous online

All content delivered fully online. Lectures, if any, are delivered via pre-recorded video watchable at any time by the student. Students progress through the course materials at their own pace. Course may contain some synchronous office hours or voluntary live session

Engaging Online Students

eLearning Development is one way to enhance the student learning experience.

  • Build relevant educational materials and programs for the online learning
  • Integrate a variety of multimedia technology tools to develop engaging, effective e-learning
  • Apply the components of e-learning development, and instructional design to creating projects and programs that effectively address learner needs

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Teaching Modules

The Office of Academic Excellence offers a range of teaching modules to support faculty with program delivery and working with students.

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