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Photo of Donna Lee Rosen

TLX Collaborates with Donna Lee Rosen to Transform HOST 1091 Heritage Tourism Course

Donna Lee Rosen is a distinguished professor of the HOST 1091 Heritage Tourism course. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, she has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum and inspiring students to explore the rich cultural and historical aspects of heritage tourism. Her dedication to education and passion for the subject matter make her a valued member of the academic community.

Reaching out to TLX and collaborating with Evelyn, a Learning Technologies Specialist, played a crucial role in revitalizing the HOST 1091 Heritage Tourism course. Evelyn was tasked with converting the old lecture videos into the Brightspace format, meticulously integrating visually appealing images and a modern layout to enhance the overall aesthetics of the course. Utilizing Creator+ in Brightspace, she introduced interactive elements that significantly improved the course design, making it more engaging for students.

Through this collaboration, the HOST 1091 course has become a dynamic and interactive learning experience. By incorporating engaging visuals and interactive components, student engagement with the course materials has significantly increased, ensuring a more enriching educational experience. TLX's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in bringing new life to the course, aligning it with modern educational standards and student expectations.

Donna Lee Rosen has received positive feedback from students regarding the updates to the module contents. Students have praised the improvements, noting how the changes have enhanced their understanding and enjoyment of the course material. The increase in student engagement and interest in the curriculum is evident. Donna's commitment to continually improving the course content and design demonstrates her dedication to providing a high-quality educational experience. Her efforts have not only transformed the HOST 1091 course but have also set a standard for excellence in curriculum development. Donna has always looked for a variety of strategies to engage the students both in the classroom and in the field.  Her online modules are now finding its way to more engaging and thought provoking learning for the students – thanks to the support of TLX and Evelyns’ magic.