Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Anti-racism in Teaching

As educators, we require an interrogation and deep reckoning with the academy’s role in upholding an inequitable system. In so doing, it presents an opportunity to both envision and create a more equitable and just future. While this requires a broader examination of the systems and structures of higher education, it is also about considering the teaching and learning at an institution. It is about considering the classroom spaces and pedagogies therein. Are they equitable? Are they anti-racist? Do they seek to remove barriers for all learners?   

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Antiracist Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment of Student Learning

The NILOA Team compiled a list of curated resources to assist in your journey in antiracist teaching, learning, and assessment of student learning. 

Making the Move to Online Courses

Resources to Inform Teaching and Learning The NILOA Team has compiled and will continue to update a resource list to assist the field as we make the move to online courses.

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