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Instructions on how to use the file

1. Go into your course and go to the Course Admin Tools menu tab

2. Select Import/Export Course Package

3. Scroll down and check the radio button for Import Components

4. Click the blue Start button

5. Upload the template zip file you have downloaded to your device by clicking the Upload button.

6. Click the Import All Components blue button to begin the process of integrating the template into your course

7. The process will take a few minutes. When done the blue View Content button should be highlighted. Click this button to go to the Content section for your course.

8. The template material will appear at the bottom of your Table of Contents.

Minimum specification requirements to access the Brightspace platform

  1. D2L Community: System Requirements and Browser support
  2. Brightspace Pulse platform requirements

New Instructions for Self Crosslisting

  • How to Self-Crosslist your Brightspace Courses? (Important Notes: Faculty who plan to cross-list their course should not work in the live shell until the cross-list has been completed. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari cannot be used for crosslisting.)

Technical Help

  • For all technical help related to cross-listing within D2L including new cross lists, additions to existing cross lists or cross list removal, please send a help desk request to

Microsoft Stream Migration

Effective April 15, 2024, Microsoft is discontinuing the “Stream Classic” version of its video-sharing service. It is being re-platformed onto SharePoint and fully integrated into Microsoft 365.

Step by Step Instruction

Q: I have videos on MS Stream. Is there anything I need to do to ensure they remain available after April 15?  

A: You do not need to do anything immediately. The links and embeds you had to Stream Classic will be redirected to the Stream on SharePoint site. Those links will expire on February 15, 2025.

To continue linking to migrated videos beyond that date you will need to generate a new link or embed code for the video in question. Videos with an expiring link will display the following message above the window:


Q: How do I access, and add, content in Stream on SharePoint?  

A: Log into Microsoft 365 from your browser ( If Stream does not appear in your list of favourite apps, click on the Apps icon on the vertical menu bar on the left of the window, and then find and click Stream from the list of apps displayed.    

Q: Is further assistance available?  

A: Yes, contact the IT Help Desk at, or call 416-415-5000, ext. 4938 (HELP).

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